Chapter 18

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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I’m sorry for worrying you.
After Fii secured a carriage from somewhere and stopped by the mansion, I hurried inside. There was a black-painted carriage parked in front of the entrance. It had a crest of Count Garland, so there was no mistake it was Father-in-law.
Fii dropped me off first, so when I headed to the front door, there was the person I was expecting the most.

“Ah, Mother.”
“I’m home, Noah.”
“Where did you go? I was worried about you. You see, Grandfather is looking for you.”

Noah noticed me and came to hug me. The stepchild who was only the height that reached my waist stared at me with his puppy eyes, so I could only apologize.

“I’m sorry for worrying you.”

Father-in-law was looking for me, so he most likely wants to talk about my future. For Anton to elope even before I could tell Noah about the divorce, I’m pathetic for not knowing what to do next.

“Father-in-law, I am sorry for making you wait.”
“No, I just came. Yurika, we need to talk. Is that fine?”
“… Yes.”

Guessing what Father-in-law wanted to talk about, my heart got heavy. Can’t things stay just as they are? It’s not unusual for nobles to have an affair. The marriages of the nobility are done with the will of the patriarchs, not the related parties.
However, I was happy with my marriage. My husband was kindhearted and hard-working, and Noah adored me. My relationship with the servants was also good. I wished that these mild days would continue forever. I loved to look at Noah’s smile and Anton’s warm look.


Do I have to part with my darling Noah? Thinking so, I embraced Noah with all of my might.


“Mother, what’s wrong?”

Will this child no longer call me Mother? I don’t want that.

“Mother, it hurts.”
“Ah, I’m sorry.”
“Noah, Your Mother has an important talk she needs to discuss with Grandfather. Why don’t you go play with me until they are done?”

When I loosened my arms, a voice resounded from behind me. It was Fii. It seems he finished parking the carriage.

“Uncle. Can I?”
“Yeah. What do you want to play?”
“Hmm~ let’s see~”

Fii bent down and asked Noah, taking his arm and leading him away. It made me feel somewhat lonely.

“Now then, Old Master, Madam. Please move to the parlor.”

Seeing Noah and Fii getting along, I headed to the parlor with Denis after the butler’s prompt.

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