Chapter 17

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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It’s fine to be angry.
“Yuri, how do you feel?”
“Fii. Why am I here?”
“You don’t remember? You were walking blindly around the forest, you collapsed the moment you saw my face.”

Before I noticed, Fii was standing before me. I picked up the familiar fragrance of trees at the tip of my nose. It seems that I have come to the treehouse unknowingly. It seems that I was feeling quite cornered since I don’t recall coming here. It appears that what Anton did to me was too much for me to handle.

“I’m sorry for causing you trouble.”
“What happened? You seemed to be at your wits’ end.”

He placed a warm cup before me.

“If you don’t mind, your childhood friend will listen to your problems.”
“Thank you, Fii.”

When I placed my lips around the warm cup, I tasted warm milk with honey. I was happy to feel his warm concern.

“Actually, my husband Anton had eloped. He was having an affair.”
“Huh? Eloped? With whom?”

Fii looked dumbfounded.

“With a maid. She was the person I let my guard down and trusted the most… she was my blind spot. To think he was cheating on me with a servant.”

I couldn’t even laugh. Fii looked at me with an aching gaze. I lowered my head to hide from that gaze and complained.

“He was spending time with her in the palace while telling me he was busy at work. They both concealed the fact skillfully. I never doubted that the Commander of the Imperial Guards would be having an affair with a maid. I am stupid.”

I was making her go to my husband without knowing. It was me who thought it would be inconvenient for him to stay in the palace for work without being taken care of.
“I’m such a fool. It was me who allowed the affair.”


I made the opportunity for the two to get together. A big hand was placed on my depressed hand.

“Don’t blame yourself so much. You are not at fault. They have repaid your kindness with something heartless as a betrayal.”
“This is not your fault whatsoever. I have no idea what this bastard Anton is doing. To leave Noah and you behind and run away with another woman, he must be insane.”

Fii didn’t hide his anger for my sake.

“Thank you, Fii.”
“It’s fine to be angry, Yuri. If everything went smoothly after he went through the divorce with you, he would chase you out of the mansion and most likely remarry to that woman soon. He might have been moved by that woman’s words, but to elope on top of that, they are looking down on you too much.”

It seems he didn’t consider those whom he left behind at all. Fii was angry for our sake. That made me happy.
Just going through a divorce will leave a woman with a bad reputation. If the woman’s husband elopes on top of that, they will be ridiculed as a woman with no charm. Even if that was an unavoidable fate for me, I wondered what to tell Noah.

Noah loves his father. How do I tell him that his beloved father left him and run away with another woman? I had no answer.

“What do I do? What am I supposed to do from now on? Noah will be saddened.”
“It will be fine. I’m sure the General had been contacted by now. General will do something about it.”
“Father-in-law will? Right. That’s right.”

Feeling better, Fii held my hand calmly. Anton has done wrong. There’s no way the butler wouldn’t contact his Father, my Father-in-law, right away. After I calmed down completely a short while later, I got worried about Noah who remained in the mansion.

“I’m going home. Thank you for all, Fii.”
“Let me send you back, it’s late.”

Fii helped me stand up.

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