Chapter 16

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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I am such a fool, aren’t I?
I was not able to tell Noah about the divorce since then. When I wake up in the morning wanting to tell him, when he calls me “Mother” so innocently and I look into his pure eyes, all my thoughts of telling him disappeared.
I still want to be Noah’s mother, and I keep postponing it to tomorrow. That happened until Anton’s deadline of one week arrived.

“Madam, where have you gone?”

I was walking in the garden while holding Noah’s hand. From the other side of the flowerbed which was full of roses, I saw Clara, the head of the maids and Theo, an older butler, looking for me. Clara is normally a very calm person, and Theo is a resolute man no matter what, so it was rare to see them in such a panic.

“What’s the matter? Both of you?”

Clara and Theo looked pale. Noah’s personal maid who was following them also seemed to be acting strangely. When her eyes met Noah’s, she told him “Young Master Noah, it’s time to study. Let’s return to your room.” However, when he didn’t obediently follow, she took him forcibly away.

“Did something happen?”

The maid displayed an attitude that she never should. She must have judged that it was inconvenient for Noah to stay here. Confirming that the maid left with Noah, the two turned to me. Theo and Clara exchanged glances. From the attitude of the two, they are not going to say anything good.

Did Anton perhaps return and is hurrying me to leave? When I looked at the two while thinking such, Theo spoke hesitantly.

“Master had eloped.”
“Please forgive us, Madam. We neglected supervision.”

I was dumbfounded by Theo’s words. That workaholic Anton eloped? You are lying, right? Who was his partner? I couldn’t believe his words. Clara then bowed deeply to me.


“Madam, we will accept any punishment.”

Clara wished to be punished. In other words, the person Anton eloped with was someone she was responsible for.

“Are you saying his partner was a maid? Who was it?”

Clara who raised her face had tears streaming down her face. Theo answered my question with an expression full of bitterness.

“It was Anna. I cannot believe it either.”
“Anna? No way…”

My head went blank and Clara cried while apologizing. My husband seems to have left a letter behind. Theo handed it to me and I timidly scanned it over, which left me feeling like a dunce after I realized the circumstances.
My husband cheated on me. Moreover, with someone whom I trusted the most. When I finished reading the letter, I wanted to laugh at myself.

“I am such a fool, aren’t I?”

I didn’t even notice. Not only did I not doubt him, I even trusted deeply his partner in crime. Anna was diligent and loyal. I truly didn’t think that with a character like hers, she would fall for my husband.
Wanting to escape from reality, I started running away. I was driven by the feelings of disappearing from this place as soon as possible. I had no play to go, though.

I heard calls from behind, but I didn’t even look back.

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