Chapter 19

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Is it okay for me to stay here?
“Yurika. I am truly sorry about this.”
“I will definitely bring the two back. You probably feel depressed, but you did nothing wrong. I will warn him to not do anything like this ever again, could you please forgive him this time?”

Father-in-law apologized after we moved to the parlor. Father-in-law seemed determined to bring Anton back and let us start things over.

“Father-in-law, please raise your head.”
“This is simply my wish. Noah loves you dearly as his real mother. Could you please close your eyes this time for Noah’s sake?”

I understand Father-in-law’s feelings. However, there’s no way I can forgive Anton. He cut Noah and me off in the worst possible way. Noah and I trusted him and he trampled down on our feelings. Could I forgive a man like that for Noah’s sake? I couldn’t nod in agreement to Father-in-law’s question.
Perceiving my response, Father-in-law Denis let out a deep sigh.

“Just as I thought. Of course, you wouldn’t. I heard that Anton brought up the divorce with you. I didn’t want to accept it. Yurika, you are the bride who married into our family. I’m going to disown Anton.”

I was shocked by Father-in-law’s statement. Father-in-law wanted to take the side of the wife and cut off Anton.

“You are too good of a wife for him. Since you have come, you have been taking care of the servants and Noah and we are very grateful for that. Anton is a hard to please fellow, so we were worried that he would cause you trouble, but… what a stupid man.”

Father-in-law rubbed his glabella. I could finally see the exhaustion on his face. The strongest General in the country was having a headache because of his son’s actions.
I couldn’t believe it either. Who could have imagined that that husband of mine whose only redeeming feature you could say was his diligence would run away with a maid? Moreover, he left a letter that read like something written by a dreaming maiden, and disappeared.

——I met my soulmate. I want to live with no regrets.

The sentence revealing that he was intimate with Anna. The words that he wants to live without regrets with a woman of his destiny. They were like the impact of a hammer hitting my head.


Anton wrote that Anna is his soulmate. I felt the irresponsibility in the words ‘wanting to live with no regrets’.
Having his life tied with me and Noah was apparently regrettable and irreversible for him. In other words, he denied our marriage and found it disagreeable.
And I wanted to be with this person. It seems that my judgment was wrong. Because it brought such a result.

Anton and Anna too. There were no romantic feelings between us, the married couple, but we respected each other. She should have been aware of that, but did she not consider that I wanted to get closer to him?

That day, when I told her that Anton wants to divorce me, didn’t she pretend to be concerned about me as I poured my heart out to her? Was she ridiculing me?

Thinking that, I felt frustrated. Because while I was waiting for my husband to return with Noah, he was together with Anna. It’s not what Fii said, but their actions really made us seem stupid.
However, it wasn’t easy getting recognized as a married-in bride by Father-in-law. My three years of relationship with my husband were wasted, but there is a person who recognized my hard work right here.

“Father-in-law. Is it okay for me to stay here?”
“Of course. You are Noah’s mother. This is what I, Noah, and the servants all wish for.”

My husband might have left me, but Father-in-law says that I can stay. I find that good. I’m disappointed in my husband, but I can stay with Noah. That made me delighted. The happiness of being able to stay with Noah far outmatched the sadness of losing a husband.

“This will most likely be troubling to you, but please stay here by all means. I hate to meet with His Majesty now.”

Father-in-law said as he stood up. The palace is surely in chaos because of Anton’s disappearance. Father-in-law must be also overwhelmed as a new successor of Commander of the Imperial Guards has to be chosen and the old one punished.

What Anton and Anna did has not made anyone happy. Everyone is anxiously rushing to clean up the mess they made. Knowing that, how could those two carry out with their plans?
Is I saw Father-in-law off, I wondered whether there is anything Anton would regret.

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