Chapter 7

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Let’s Go to the Human Town
It had been a month since Richmond, the former Dragon King, came to live with me in the major house, as I could not let him live in one of the village huts.

It happened after Richmond went hunting in the forest, on a morning when I was thinking it was time for the house to grow in level.

[Transforming the Village Chief’s Mansion]

Suddenly, words floated before my eyes.

A Village Chief’s Mansion!? Was this house named such because I decided to build a village!?

The constant growth of the house had taken some getting used to, but while I was upset by the name “Village Chief,” it was enveloped in light and………

The house was transformed into a magnificent “Western-style house”.

The Western-style house, with a retro exterior and interior similar to the Kyu-Furukawa Art Museum, was a perfect for this location and this world, as if this village together with this magnificent mansion existed here for decades.

“The mansion’s appearance has changed, huh.”

I heard Richmond’s voice right next to me, who was supposed to be on a hunt, and I yelled out in surprise.

“What is it? What’s with that charmless scream?”
“I’m sure women who put charm into their screaming are calculating women! I thought you were going hunting, Richmond!”
“I came back because I sensed a great amount of Mana.”

Richmond, who was behind me before I knew it, nodded in a good mood when he saw the transformed house.

“It’s quite a quaint mansion now, isn’t it?”
“You think so? I think it’s a little too big for my taste…”

I looked away from the house, which looked like it would be difficult for the average person to live in.

“I suppose it’s still small compared to the mansions in the Noble district.”
“Please, don’t compare it with houses the nobles live in.”
“What are you talking about when you live better than them?”

I am a genuine commoner, you know.

“Well, if it’s only a house transformation, then there’s no problem. I’ll go hunting again.”

Ah, Richmond came back because he was worried about me.

“Thank you very much.”
“Hm? What, don’t mind it. We are family, aren’t we?”





“I want to drink!!”



I wonder if I need to go to town. I was beginning to wonder, but when I was making the sauce for the hamburgers, I realized I didn’t have any wine.


It is not impossible to make it without it, but it is a human nature to want something once you realize you are missing it. If I want to drink wine, I have to drink wine.

“Alcohol… I guess that can’t be found in the forest.”

Richmond nodded as he lifted his heavy waist, apparently wanting a drink, too.

Let’s go to town!!

(Listen up, don’t ever take off the robe that I gave you.)
“Yes, yes.”

He repeated himself so many times already. Richmond is a worrier, isn’t he?

But still, Richmond in his dragon form was also very good-looking.

I was waiting to fly on his back, covered with pitch-black scales.
He will take me with him to the Human town.
Of course, while flying, both Richmond’s figure and mine will be apparently made invisible by stealth magic.

Magic really is very convenient.

(I’m worried about you, Kanade… because you are so air headed.)
“That’s so rude, but if anything goes wrong, you will come to my help right, Richmond? So I’m not worried about anything!”
(Seriously, you lass…)

He laughed in surrender (he’s a dragon, so his fangs were bared and scary). Richmond said, (Let’s depart!), and flapped his wings and soared in a flash.

(Don’t worry, I’m not going to let you fall off my back. I’ve set up a barrier to prevent you from falling, and a barrier that works against wind resistance.)

Thank you very much for your thorough care.

The forest below me continued for a while even though we were flying in the sky, showing me the vastness of the Demon Forest.

I was trying to get out of such a mind-boggling forest by continuously using House Summoning…
I might not be able to get out of this kind of forest even if I had hundreds of years, let alone decades.

The forest in front of me was endless, and when I look behind, there was a cliff and then another forest.

I read in a book that I was in the innermost part of the forest, but I couldn’t even tell if it really was the innermost part.

Of course, there was forest in all directions.

It was as if this world was made of forest.


I don’t know how far we had flown, but there was nothing but sky and forest, and then, suddenly, the forest stopped.

I could see what looked like a road, though it was not paved, and a meadow spread out beyond it.



I had finally escaped from the Demon Forest—

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