Chapter 6

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Humans and Subhumans
I have been studying the common knowledge of this world for a week, after asking Richmond to teach me.
I have come to understand this world to some extent.

This is a fantasy world with a medieval European standard of living with magic.

There are two main types of people: Humans and Subhumans.
The subhumans are said to be Beastmen, Dwarves, Elves, and so on. The two types of people do not get along well with each other.
It started with a war, when the humans enslaved the subhumans, and two countries were almost destroyed by the war. Even now, a cold war is still ongoing, and in the country of the Subhumans, the entry of the Humans is restricted, and in the country of the Humans, Subhumans will be immediately reduced to slavery on entry.

Incidentally, this Demon Forest is located in the middle of the countries of the Humans and Subhumans, and I was told that the forest’s entrance is often used for executing criminals or for those who wish to commit suicide.

I now understand why Richmond said I should keep living here.

Something like slavery is too scary, and the Humans of this world are too crazy. It was so stupid of them to enslave the Subhumans. Of course, it would bring war.
It’s just that my appearance is that of a Human, so if I go to a town, it will have to be a Human town.

I don’t want to go to a town of such crazed people. When I said that I would prefer to go to a Subhuman town if possible, Richmond told me that Subhumans are no different from Humans.

Apparently, the only people who can enter the Subhuman country are mainly merchants and scholars, and they will be killed instantly if they behave in any strange way.

“Don’t worry. I will be by your side. I won’t let anyone touch you, Kanade.”

Richmond is too cool!!

“By the way, what do you want to go to town for, Kanade?
“Well, I want to stock up on meat and fish. And I also want to look at some clothes and other miscellaneous goods.”
“Wait. You can get meat and fish in this forest! The clothes and goods are no better than what you have here at home!”
“But, you know, If I went hunting, I would die immediately. Besides, I can’t dismember animals either.”
“Who told you to go to, Kanade? If you want meat or fish, just tell me. I will get them for you. Of course, I will cut them up, too.”

Richmond is too wonderful!!

“Thank you very much!! I love you, Richmond!!”
“Mhm. Tell me more.”

Huh? So I don’t have to go to town, I guess…?

Richmond’s Point of View

Thousands of years have passed since I assumed the position of the Dragon King. The number of dragons, which at one time had decreased considerably, has been increasing since my founding of the country. Although our numbers are fewer than those of other races, it can be said that this was a side effect of our great amounts of Mana.

After living for nearly 10,000 years, I have recently lost my appetite, and my stomach grew tired even after eating meat, which used to be my favorite food.

One of the reasons was that the younger dragons had been urging me to retire since they began to see my strength wane.

My close associates who had served me for many years had also retired, and now I had no one to support me.
After the next generation was decided, it was especially noticeable that the attitude they showed to me only behind the scenes was now displayed in plain sight, treating me as an obstacle.

Of course, things would be like that. An old dragon with the title of the former Dragon King was just an obstacle in the eyes of the next generation.

I was practically driven out of the Land of Dragons, and I continued my journey in the sky, looking for my final abode.

I don’t even remember how long I was flying for, but before I knew it, I was flying over the Demon Forest.
Even though my appetite was waning, I was still hungry. Just when I thought it was a good time to hunt, an indescribably good smell wafted through the air.

As if lured by the smell, I flew to the spot, where I found an unbelievable scene.


A Human village had sprung up deep in the forest!!

Moreover, there was a powerful barrier that even the strongest species that were the dragons couldn’t break. I was stunned for a while by the impossible situation, but then I realized that although the village was there, I could not see any Human figures.

What in the world was going on?

As I was twisting my head, a Human girl with the delicious smell appeared.
At first, she was surprised to see me, but soon became fascinated by the source of the delicious smell.
It seemed to be called “Udon,” and she ate it with such relish that I ended up calling out to her.

She spoke fluently in the language of dragons and conversed with me without fear, so I was amused and asked her if she would let me try some of her “Udon”.

I, the former Dragon King, was asking a human girl for a meal.

The girl seemed to have no sense of caution and easily let me, a dragon, into her domain.
I wondered if she was strong enough to defeat a dragon, but I couldn’t sense any power from her.

While I observed… what was wrong with this Human being, she prepared a new “Udon” for me.

I took a bite of the “Udon” and it slid smoothly down my throat, as if I have never lost my appetite.

What is this!? Was it a seafood soup? It was not only that, as I also felt its depth. It was mixed with this white, slippery substance and basically flown down my throat.

Delicious!! I could eat this every day!!

I was engrossed in eating the “Udon”, but I suddenly stopped when I smelled a different aroma from that of “Udon”.

Was this a vegetable with a batter…? Hmm. What an appetizing aroma.

The girl told me to put some grated radish in the sauce and eat it, so I put some sauce on it and popped it in my mouth.

The next moment, after the crispy, savory texture of the vegetables, the sweetness of the vegetables spread out, and the sourness of the refreshing sauce and the spiciness of the “Daikon” made me fall in love with the dish. These dishes simply captivated me.

What bliss!!

Mh. So this is called “Tempura”? Eating this after having a bite of “Udon”, what a great combination!!

“Udon”, “Tempura”, “Udon”, “Tempura”. And “Green tea”!!!!

Not good. I was so absorbed that I forgot about my manners!

The girl apologized for the small portion, probably because I looked like I wanted to eat more.
It was such a delicious meal. I guess she must have used precious ingredients to cook it. She must have been a very good-natured person to offer it to someone she had just met.

I was worried about the good-natured and unguarded girl, so I decided to stay by her side for a while. I also wanted to try her delicious food again.

When I suggested this to the girl, she was delighted, with a big smile on her face. It was a smile without any calculation. She told me, this old dragon, who was no longer needed by anyone, that I was needed, and that we were a family from now on.

I have made up my mind to live the rest of my short dragon life for her.

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