Chapter 21

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Catching Fish
“Mother Kanade, how do we catch these?”
“Enter pond, to catch?”

I was thinking about what to do as well, when I saw the children peering into the pond after weeding was finished.

“Come to think of it, I found a net that was too big to be a butterfly net, so I put it in the shed. Was that one for catching fish, I wonder…”

Whenever I come across something that I have no idea what it is used for, I throw it in the shed. I was convinced that it was actually a fish net.

“Alright, you two. Let’s catch fish for everyone together with Mimily.”
“”Yes (Mhm).””

The twins went to call Mimily, and I went to the shed to get the net.

There were baby diapers and other baby stuff in this shed, too…

I hope I will have a chance to use these things this lifetime, but there’s no sign of it so far, I guess.

“Oh, there it is! A fish net!”

Now, let’s catch some salmon and grill it!

“Ah, Sister Kanade!!”
“Are we really catching fish!?”

I nodded to Mimily, whom I bumped into on my way to the pond, and she seemed to think the boys were talking about the huge fish that Richmond usually catches.

“Sister Kanade, you can catch such big fish! That’s amazing~!!”

Her eyes were shining.

You are mistaken, okay!?
If I met such a huge fish, I would die right at that moment.

“Mimily, those huge fish are only outside the village. The fish we are going to catch today are from the pond that has been created in the field behind our house.”
“Pond? There is a pond?”
“That’s right. It appeared today.”

Mimily has gotten used to things here the past month, and she is no longer surprised so easily.

Children are very adaptable, after all.

“—… And so, Lui and Arthur ran off immediately after informing me. They are terrible for leaving a girl behind, aren’t they!”

Mimily, whose droopy dog ears were just like her father’s is so cute that even when she is angry, she lacks the impact.

“Oh, perhaps they went to Hugo’s.”
“Teacher’s place?”
“We are going to catch fish, and they probably want to show Hugo. You know, Hugo is very interested in many things.”
“I see~! That’s why they were in such a hurry. I got mad at them without knowing anything… I have to apologize.”

Mimily is such a good girl. Her bouncy dog ears are adorable, too.

“Mimily, please grow up as you are.”

When I returned to the pond, the twins were waiting for me with Hugo.

“Lui, Arthur, Teacher Hugo.”


Mimily ran to them and apologized to Lui and Arthur for her anger earlier.
The twins didn’t even know that Mimily had been angry, so I was relieved to see them apologizing back as well.

“Alright. That’s enough apologizing! Come on, guys, help me catch fish.”

Good reply.

“Godde… Lady Kanade, so this is the pond that appeared today?”
“That’s right. It seems to have fish you only see in rivers.”
“I see. This pond’s water is very transparent… hmm. I wonder if the water sprung out from the underground?”
“It certainly is very clear.”

Hugo was observing the pond closely, with his face close to it. Beside him, I showed the children the net I had brought with me and explained to them that we would use it to scoop up fish.

Let me try it first! I looked into the pond with the net in my hand.

There are so many fish in there, I should be able to catch at least one!


The net was quite large and heavy, so I plunged the tip of the net into the water with great enthusiasm.
Naturally, the fish scattered and ran away that instant.

“Fish is gone.”
“They ran away.”
“Mother Kanade, err… umm, t, that can happen, right?”

Lui, if you can’t find words to comfort me, you don’t have to say anything.

“I will do, this time.”

Arthur took the net from me, and I was left feeling pathetic.

It seems that not only do I have no magic talent, but I also have no talent for catching fish.

Arthur handled the heavy net with ease and scooped up a sweetfish first.

“Arthur, you are amazing!”

Mimily applauded, and Lui held out his hand with an excited look on his face, “Please let me try it next!”

“Mother Kanade, this, what is it called?”

Arthur handed Lui the net and grabbed the sweetfish, which was moving its tail fin, and showed it to me.

“This fish is called Ayu sweetfish. It is delicious grilled on a skewer. Put it in this bucket.”

I held the bucket in front of Arthur, which I had scooped up a little water from the pond earlier, and he nodded and let go of the Ayu.

The Ayu slipped out of Arthur’s hand and dove into the bucket with a clatter.

“You immediately caught one. You are very skilled!”
“Mother Kanade, just bad.”
“Ugh… that’s right.”
“Is fine. I will get, Mother Kanade’s, share.”

Arthur, you are so reliable!

In the end, we caught 5 Ayu sweetfish and 2 salmon, thanks to the children.

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