Chapter 22

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Creating a Village
“This sunset-colored fish called salmon is a perfect match for shoyu!”
“Grandpa, this Ayu is yummy when grilled.”
“Both, tasty.”
“Dad, Mom, Mimily helped catch the fish!”
“Aren’t you amazing, Mimily!”
“Fish, you say… are you saying you caught a fish this big, Mimily!?”
“I’ve never seen a fish with sunset-colored flesh… Why is it this color, I wonder?”
“This is my first time eating a fish like this, too…”

Naturally, we all eat together, so our small dining room was lively.
For some reason, everyone gathers in the small dining room, even though there are so many of us that we should be eating in the big dining hall instead.

It makes me happy to feel like we are a family.

“What’s the matter, Kanade? What are you grinning at?”
“No, I’m just thinking that this feels like we are a family.”
“Hmm? I see, you’re right.”

Richmond looked at everyone with narrowed eyes and nodded.

“Hey, Kanade, I have been thinking…”
“What is it, Richmond?”
“How about inviting kind-hearted people like them, who are not wanted in either the towns of the Human race or the towns of the Subhumans, to come to our village?”

Richmond’s words quieted the noisy small dining room.

“I have seen many people tormented and discarded by the rotten nobles. They have nowhere to go, and all that awaits them is death.”

Everyone looked at me with sadness in their eyes.

“Lady Kanade, I beg you to consider this as well.”

Evelyn lowered her head.

“We were lucky enough to be rescued by Lord Richmond and brought here. But many people are dying in the forest… or even in the towns, with no one to help them.”
“Many of them are children, too.”

Logan added.

“When did the people become so corrupt?”
“They say that Knights are supposed to protect the people, but in reality there are no such Knights. They are desperate to protect themselves.”

Hugo and Leo followed.

And then,

“Mother Kanade, just like you saved us,”
“Please save others.”
“Sister Kanade.”

If the children, the family, say this much,

“… How can I not live up to your expectations?”


Everyone waited for me to say something with a twinkle in their eyes.

“If they get thrown away, I don’t mind picking them up!”

Kanade Fujii (15).
I will pick up the abandoned and build a village!!




A few days after making this decision, Richmond told me that he and Leo were going to visit the town.

“By town, do you mean the Subhuman race one?”
“No, we are planning to visit them both.”
“What!? Richmond, you may be okay, but Leo has ears and a tail! Isn’t it dangerous to take him to the Human race town…”
“He’ll be fine as long as he stays covered by a cloak. On top of that, humans are no match for his.”

How does one get so strong so quickly!? It has only been a month since he started training, right!?

“So, we are going to see the slums.”

Slums, he said… a word that I only have a scary image of…

“There are many orphans living quietly in the slums. It depends on their temperament and will, but we will bring them here if they want to go.”
“I see. You’re going right away, aren’t you?”
“Yes. I am also a former King who ruled a country. If possible, I do not want to abandon those who are suffering.”

I knew that Richmond was a cool guy (dragon).

He must have been a wonderful King.

“I know your heart is racing, but don’t overdo it.”
“Be at ease. I am strong. I won’t let anything happen to Leo, either.”

I hope you have not raised any flags just now…

“I mean it, please, be careful.”

And with that, Richmond and Leo headed to the towns.

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