Chapter 31

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Because we ate potatoes for the first time, today will be potato anniversary (lol)
As if struck by a lightning, the two began eating in silence.
Wha! My share! Will get eaten!

The three greedy people finished in no time.

“That was delicious.”
“To think it really wasn’t poisonous……”
“We should have dug up a little more.”

Head Chef, Grandpa Tom and I muttered.
Staring at the empty dish made me think that potatoes really are good!

“Ojou…… -sama.”

Every single time!

“You don’t have to attach -sama forcibly every single time.”

Head Chef scratched his head apologetically.

“Ah~ Ojou. It was delicious. Such cooking method was a first, I would like for Ojou to teach me more if possible.”

Yaa~n♪ A tough-looking middle-aged man averting his head in bashfulness, how cute~♪

“Of course! The available ingredients have increased thanks to Grandpa Tom so I would be troubled if I didn’t have your help in the various things I want to try! I will have to thank you in advance.”

Alright! With this, I can eat delicious things!

“Jousama…… you plan on eating the things planted there……”

Yes, it came~

“They are edible.”

“There’s still more!?”

You are fast to tsukkomi! Head Chef!
And somehow, your breathing became rough……

“They have been brought from the fief…… there are still things that look like we could eat and there are some potatoes left to be dug up too……”

Incidentally, Head Chef’s and Grandpa Tom’s eyes sparkled when I mentioned potatoes.
Just how much were you charmed by potatoes (lol).

“Haah…… if only we had an oil……”

“Oil? The one used in the shallow pots?”

???? Yes? What?

“Was it immediately after Ojou came here? I was a novice here too, at that time, Ojou made a shallow pot… so, when I asked how to use it ‘pour oil and fry’ is what you said……”

A shallow pot, that would be a frying pan………

“I was your number one underling, so I tried the things Ojou spoke of. You also made other things…… the little Ojou always stuck by my side.”

Did I make an iron pan, perhaps?

“When I asked what oil was, you burst in tears for some reason and somehow managed to tell me that it was a boar fat…… that was amusing…… haha, the smoke didn’t stop even when I tried to make it stop.”

……………… I see, so?

“Oil, it can be used for cooking?”

Ku! You have to start there!?
But, sure! Lard can be made from boar fat after all!

“Yes, it can be used for cooking. You can cook various dishes with it. You can even make potatoes taste better.”

The two received a shock as if struck by lightning one more time.

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