Chapter 30

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Let’s cook! The Head Chef is!
Grandpa Tom with a grim face followed the cheerful me.
We went straight to the kitchen.
The time should be before the practice, so it should go well! I think……

Yes, we have arrived.
However, the chefs at the kitchen’s side entrance(?), rear entrance(?), were chit-chatting while looking at me.

“Shut your mouths! Why are you so noisy!”

Whoops, Head Chef shouted the moment he entered from the doorway~
When he turned his head, yes, he met my eyes~

“Ojou! …… -sama, why are you here?”

“I have a request for Head Chef, may I?”

That’s right, Head Chef usually calls me “Ojou” doesn’t he!


Hmm? Why is he getting vigilant? Well, let’s not mind it!

“I want you to boil the potatoes Grandpa Tom is carrying. Of course, after washing them clean and peeling off the skin.”

When he heart potatoes, his eyebrows drew near.
Is that a no?

“Ain’t these poisonous plants, Ojou…… -sama, are you being serious?”

He’s hesitating! Alright, one more push!

“Actually, only the part that is above the ground can’t be eaten. The tuber below the ground is edible. But, the tubers must be handled carefully too. It is poisonous if it’s still green. These have been freshly dug up and have no green parts anywhere. All that’s left is this sprout part… they have poison too, so they must be removed. I won’t tell you to eat it as I’m fine eating it by myself, so…… please boil it for me.”

Head Chef looked at me with a bitter face.

“Just boil?”

He yielded! Let’s ride the wave and instruct him on how to cook it! Let’s do that!

“No. How about I instruct you, can you follow my instructions?”

He was reluctant, but I saw interest coming from his gaze.

“Got it. Ojou…… -sama, welcome to our sanctuary.”

He respectfully bowed and opened the door.
Grandpa Tom and I stepped into the kitchen.


It’s done~!
I can’t get enough of the hot steam!
It looks good after sprinkling it with salt too!
I, Head Chef and Grandpa Tom surrounded the plate with the steamy potato.
Each had a fork before us.
Leaving the two nervous people aside, I picked up a piece of the potatoes with my fork.
So hot~ but so tasty~


You won’t control me with your voices, here’s my cold shoulder!


Eh? When I unconsciously called out, the two opened their eyes wide.
Nodding at each other, the two got Kofukiimo on their forks……

“Alright, I will eat it!”
“Since Jousama ate it, I will too!”

Saying such, the two made up their minds and each ate a fork-full.

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