Chapter 29

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Grandpa Tom, you see……
“Thank you, Grandpa Tom. And so, I would like to dig up these potatoes.”

I’m going to ask you cutely♪

“Jousama, potatoes have poison. What are you going to dig them up for?”

It’s clarified as a poisonous plant.
Well, it is unless you are in the known.

“Fufu…… I’m going to eat it.”

Grandpa Tom’s face turned blue from shock. Will he get even more shocked when I tell him how to eat potatoes?

“Jousama, you can’t! You will get poisoned~!”

Sure enough.

“Grandpa Tom, potatoes won’t poison you if you eat them carefully. That’s why…… okay?”

Kyurun♪ I beg adorably♪

“Jousama, can’t be helped then……”

After Grandpa Tom said that, I dug up one of the potatoes.
When the dirty potato was dug up, it was a splendid Irish cobbler!
A freshly dug up, plump potato which would be delicious with butter spread on it no doubt!
There’s no butter so potatoes with butter are not possible though!
Ah~ meat and potato stew would be good too~ there’s no soy sauce, sugar nor mirin though!
I’m going to cry since there’s nothing at all!

“Thank you…… Grandpa Tom, it looks really delicious……”

Grandpa Tom stared at me with a troubled gaze.
Ah~ he’s going to say that indeed……

“It’s poisonous…… eating it would be not possible, right……”

Shit, he really did say it!

“Grandpa Tom, it will really be okay so let’s go to the Head Chef.”

Grandpa Tom followed after me reluctantly with potatoes in his hands.
Thinking about it, it would be like that normally.
In my past life, processing the poison away from potatoes has been a given fact.
This world has a magic that can cure poisons, but it’s common not to meddle if you don’t understand poisons.
Moreover, if a plant is judged that it may contain poison, it’s common to completely avoid it.
Potatoes may be possibly growing in grassy plains somewhere.
………… Right, possibly.
I have never gone to grassy plains or forest alone, so I can’t be sure.
What would I do if I got attacked by a monster while going to the grassy plains alone?
I wonder if I would get saved by a hunk adventurer? That might make my heart throb♪
Well, I might hit the stingy monsters first though (lol).

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