Chapter 50

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And then…… the marriage ceremony day of the two people.
Day after day, I spent doing this and that and the day of those two’s marriage ceremony arrived.
It was three surging weeks.
A detergent fever came over our house, and pasta fever came along too.
The sugar beet crops have been also harvested and although the sugar-making was hectic in the kitchen, everyone had pleasant smiles.
If that girl will be able to safely get through the prooving ceremony today, it will get announced officially tomorrow.
Once we get an official notice, our entire family will go to the royal palace to congratulate.
It would be meaningless to stay in the capital once that’s finished, so we will be returning to the fief.
Spending time in that prison-like villa, there is no way that she wouldn’t be angry.
……………… The prooving ceremony, huh………… it can be said to be unavoidable since there’s no other to ascertain, but……… that would be impossible for me!
On top of being confined, being monitored for 24 hours every day…… then straight into the marriage ceremony immediately after that, that sounds harsh……
But, was she thinking that she could endure if it’s for her lovey-dovey life with the prince?



Hmmm, whatever!
My dress, shoes, accessories, everything was made new for tomorrow~
……… No, many things were made for me before the graduation too though.
I mean look, I was originally supposed to get married, so everything for the ceremony and life of confinement was made for me meticulously by our artisans!
Being able to meet only with female family members and friends of the same-sex really sounds harsh, doesn’t it~
But, buuut, she might be able to find happiness from being able to live with her beloved (probably a capture target, right?) prince without any hindrances (lol).
I wouldn’t understand though (lol).
Still, that girl…… I heard that she would be asked how many children does she intend to bear at the marriage ceremony, but I wonder how did she reply? It would become quite serious if she said something about having several boys, wouldn’t it…… the period of her confinement would change……
Besides, all of that girl’s friends are male too.
Anyhow, I am waiting for the official notice tomorrow.
Until then…… let’s make sweets in the kitchen!
For the sake of the afternoon snacks!

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