Chapter 47

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Daily life in the Capital. Part 7
I wanted to eat soup that tasted different from salt.
First, I tried the safe chicken Gara soup.
It was really just a plain chicken broth, so it didn’t taste that good.
Therefore, I dashed to the field! I got a spring onion (however, it didn’t have the white part) and ginger!
Returning to the kitchen, I put a cleanly washed spring onion and ginger in the pot with the chicken soup!
But, there’s overwhelmingly not enough…… what do I do?
It’s a straight fruit juice…… I oppressively stared at the fruit before me, like this…… I noticed a peculiar coconut feeling in one of its parts…… yes, it was chicken soup stock (the solid type)! Yay!
I dissolved it in water, increasing the amount.
There, I added monster meat and cooked it together.
In the meantime, using flour, salt, and eggs, I made noodles!
But, I asked Head Chef to do it for me.
I mean, it’s physical work, Head Chef was having fun making it, you know?
“A new dish~! “he was in great joy!
After the noodles were done, I served them on plates.
I did the soup’s finishing touch, right, I added soy sauce.
My choice was the light brown, thin soy sauce.
I lightly smashed Takoyaki-sized cherry-like fruit and got the fruit juice (soy sauce) out.
The seeds of the chicken Gara look like gingko nuts, so miso came out after lightly hitting its shell.
Whoops, I got off-topic. I sampled the chicken Gara soup with soy sauce in.
It was delicious!
I left the serving of the soup to Head Chef and waited with the family at the dining table.


Oh my? I heard Head Chef’s stupid shout full of joy coming from the kitchen.
I wonder how he arranged the soup?
The flat pasta was served beautifully in the center with properly chopped meat and minced spring onion on top.
The light brown soup looked more elegant and the taste was stimulating my appetite.
Well, to be frank, it looked more like ramen with pasta noodles.
For me, it was a nostalgic dish after a long absence, but it was a first for the family.
They timidly took the first mouthful, but there was silence the moment they tasted it.
The only audible things were the sounds of soup being drunk and the slurping of noodles…… at quite the speed.
They are nobles so it had an elegant feeling, but the ambiance was almost the same as that of a ramen stall.
They looked like customers who were silently eating their ramen.
However, it was troubling because they got full from drinking the soup (lol).
You mustn’t finish the meal before the main dish arrives, you know?
But, it was delicious! Happiness!

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