Chapter 41

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Cyril’s Point of View
Elle might be in the port town of Meil, which is located in the Principality of Agreable.
Thinking this, I immediately ran out of the castle.


While riding my horse, I suddenly remembered something from the past.
It was when Elle told me about her childhood dreams.

(Come to think of it, you have longed for something since you were young, didn’t she? Can you tell me about it now?)

Elle had been by my side since I was a child.
I knew most of the things about her. But there was one thing that she never told me.
That was the dream she had when she was a child.
When she turned fifteen and accepted my proposal, I asked her about it. I wanted to know everything about her.
Elle made a thoughtful gesture, and then her cheeks turned red, looking a little embarrassed.

(I can tell you about it, but you are not allowed to laugh.)
(Please promise that you won’t laugh. I won’t tell you otherwise.)

Elle turned her face away sulkily.
I wondered if it was such an embarrassing dream, but I promised not to laugh. Then she opened her mouth, looking embarrassed.

(I, since I was a little… I wanted to become an adventurer…)

I was puzzled. It was a dream that a normal noble young lady would never think of.
But since it was such an Elle-like dream, I let out a chuckle. Elle puffed up her cheeks sulkily, and lightly punched my shoulders.

(Even though you promised me not to laugh…)

Elle’s teary-eyed mumbling was so cute that it made me smile even harder. When she saw that, she turned her head away and said, “Don’t smile at me!” I carried a piece of her favorite candy to her mouth and she said, “You can’t fool me with this.” while chewing on it.


(Sorry, sorry. It was such an Elle-like dream I let out a chuckle unintentionally.)
(A me-like dream, you say…)

She gave me an unconvincing look.

(I mean, you were a tomboy when you were little. I thought it would suit you well.)
(Geez! Please forget the old me already…!)

Nowadays, Elle is considered to be a perfect lady, but when she was a child, she did whatever she wanted and was amazing in many ways. As her fiancé, I was also pushed around by her selfishness many times. But strangely enough, I never felt displeased about it.
Elle hid her reddened face and shook her head as if she was remembering that time.

(A, anyway, please don’t tell anyone about my dream! Especially my Father and Andre! If you tell them, I will cast a horrible hallucination spell on you!)
(I got it, I got it. I won’t tell anyone.)

I’m the only one who knows my beloved’s secret.
I’m sure she doesn’t know how happy that makes me.

Those days were fun.
The days when Elle was next to me were bright and full of happiness.
But what about now?
Now that Elle is gone, my world doesn’t shine, it doesn’t even have color. It’s as if we were living in a gray world.

“Elle, I am no good without you…”

After about five days of tireless riding, I finally saw the town of Meil in the distance.
I don’t know why, but I felt like Elle was there.


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