Chapter 40

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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“By the way, about the bad rumors about Jacob.”

While I was smiling faintly at the thought of what would happen to the scum, I was interrupted by Uncle Galleo.

“What is it?”
“They are saying that they were spread by Doni and others.”
“Is that so?”

I was expecting it.
People think that they were probably using Jacob as a cover to commit repeated crimes.
It was a big mistake to talk to them in the tavern.

“Not all of them were lies, though. It’s true that he was a womanizer and an alcoholic. But because he was serious about his work, and most of the crew liked him, it was quite a shocker for them.”
“… Still, this won’t suddenly make the crimes he committed disappear.”
“Indeed. That’s why I cannot forgive him either.”

The bitterly smiling Uncle Galleo might be complicated inside.
Maybe it’s because he tried to kill Jacob by mistake.

“Nevertheless, you are quite strong, Elle.”
“I’m normal.”
“Nono, you are being too modest. Why did you catch those guys without getting proper recognition for it?”
“I don’t have the leeway to stand out. I’m leaving the town before long anyway.”
“Is that so? Well, I won’t tell anyone if you say so.”
“Thank you very much.”

After leaving the cafeteria, I left Uncle Galleo, who said he had some work to do, and walked through town.
The town was more crowded than yesterday, perhaps because the murder case has been solved.

“I’m glad I was able to solve the case.”

Now then, let’s go sightseeing around the town.


Four days after solving Jacob’s case, I decided to leave the town of Meil.
It’s good to be free, but the problem is that I can’t stay in one place for long.
I would like to live somewhere calm, but I don’t think that’s possible right now.
With that in mind, I headed for the stables where I had left the horse.

“Ou, it’s you? Mornin’ to ya.”

Mister Gregory, whom I had met when I first arrived here, greeted me cheerfully.

“Good morning. So you remembered me.”
“Of course, I did. I’m sorry to have told you something so unsettling that time.”


He looked apologetic, so I shook my head.
He was probably being considerate in his own way.

“No, it’s okay. I’m fine.”
“I see. Still, I didn’t think the case would be solved as soon as you arrived.”
“It was just a coincidence.”

I can’t tell you the truth, and I won’t.
Having Uncle Galleo know about me catching Jacob and the others is more than enough.

“Well, I thought so.”

The old man smiled approvingly, but his face immediately turned dark.

“At any rate, Jacob and his friends were really good-for-nothings.”
“Although they have been caught, the people they killed won’t come back. This is truly unforgivable.”

The families of those killed by Doni and his men have suffered deep wounds in their hearts.
It’s a wound that will never go away.
If you think about it, the magic that was cast on Jacob and the others may have been too lukewarm.

“What is it?”
“No, it’s nothing.”

I gave a fake smile to hide my true feelings.

“Oh, sorry. What can I do for you?”
“I’m leaving the town so I have come to get my horse.”
“I see.”

Mister Gregory went to the back and brought Ami to me.
I hadn’t seen her in about a week.
She laughed at me as I petted her playfully.

“Haha, this fellow. She seems happy to finally see you.”
“That makes me happy, if true.”
“Well then, come again.”
“Yes, definitely!”

I waved goodbye.
I broke the spell of aging that I had cast on myself since I left the town.
I took another look at the townscape of Meil.
That reminds me, His Highness Cyril once asked me where I wanted to go for our honeymoon.
At that time, I said I wanted to go to Meil.
I don’t know if he remembers that, but it’s something that will never come true again.

As I was recalling the past, I heard a voice calling me from behind.
I turned around and there was…

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