Chapter 42

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“Mr. Jed.”

My name got called, and when I turned around, I saw the person I had met in the forest about a week ago.
It’s a small world. I hadn’t expected to see him again.
Surprised by the unexpected, Mr. Jed got off his horse and walked toward me.

“It really is you! We meet again!”
“Long time no see. We ended up meeting again.”

As I bowed and greeted him, he looked towards Meil and said, “So you came to Meil.”

“Yes. I always wanted to come here.”
“Is that so? It’s a nice town, isn’t it?”

I nodded as he smiled at me somewhat proudly.
It was a nice town, but if it hadn’t been for Jacob and the others, I would have enjoyed it more. That’s the only regrettable thing about it.

“You are leaving already?”
“I see. Where are you going next?”

The only place I wanted to visit was Meil. I’m planning to spend the rest of my time freely and leisurely.
However, if I was to head from Meil, it would be safer to travel in the vicinity of Arburn, the official Capital city of the Principality of Agreable.

“I’m thinking of visiting Arburn next.”

When I answered, Mr. Jed put his hand on his chin and made a gesture as if he was thinking about something.
I tilted my head, wondering what was going on.

“Can I go with you, Elle?”

I was surprised by his sudden question.
Does he have a business in Arburn, too? No, didn’t he just arrive at Meil today?
While I was puzzled, Mr. Jed tilted his head, “Is that no good?” he asked.

“It’s not like you can’t, but there’s no reason for us to travel together, right?”
“I want to thank you for the last time. Let me treat you to a good meal in Arburn.”

I thought I told him that he didn’t have to thank me.
It’s not me that saved him that day, it was Auntie Anna’s cream buns.
It’s a good idea to take a look at the actual products and services that are available.
I don’t see the point in going all the way to the Capital to eat when there is a port town right in front of us.

“Why Arburn? If it’s to treat me for a meal, then we can do it here in Meil, too…”
“You are leaving now, aren’t you?”
“That’s true, but…”

We can go back if we want to have dinner.
I tried to tell him that, but it was Mr. Jed who spoke up first.

“My place of destination is Arburn as well. Let’s go together if you are okay with that.”

I was taken aback by his overly aggressive offer.
As I stared at him, he gave me a toothy smile and said, “I’m riding a horse this time, too.”
He’s not going to let me say no to this.
It would take about a week to get from Meil (here) to Arburn by horse.
It’s not like we will be spending that much time together, and more importantly, we have the same destination. I nodded my head, thinking it would be okay to accept his suggestion.

“Alright. However, we will go our separate ways after we get to Arburn, okay? I want to relax and enjoy sightseeing.”
“After you let me treat you.”
“That’s fine with me.”
“Alright, it’s decided then!”

Mr. Jed got back on his horse, looking happy.
Huh? I tilted my head.

“Weren’t you going to Meil?”
“I have no business here.”
“Is that so…”

Then why did you come here?
I was tempted to ask, but everyone has their own purpose. Besides, it’s not advisable to drop by Meil now because the heat of the incident has not yet died down.
I decided not to pry into the strangeness of his words and actions.

“Let’s go then?”

As I was about to get on Ami and follow Mr. Jed, a person who was galloping his horse at a great speed passed by us.
The person who was wearing a hood and trying to conceal his face was…

“Prince Cyril…?”

The voice I heard faintly seemed to be calling my name.

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