Chapter 103

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Giselle’s Point of View
“It’s been a long time, Gislain. How dare you try to hurt my dear friend?”

It was a scene and words I had seen sometime ago.
Why is Lady Elle here?
She has a fever. I have to get her home.
In the split second that I was thinking about it, Lady Elle was standing between me and Gislain, glaring hard at him.

“Lady Elle… please run.”

The hand that reached out and touched me was feverish. It must be hard for you to stand, but what am I going to do if you use a massive amount of magical power and destroy your body?
Even though she knew how I felt, Lady Elle smiled gently and patted my head, “It’s okay.”

“Gislain, don’t you think outnumbering a single girl is cowardly?”
“I only intended for Giselle to get some sleep.”
“And you were going to take Giselle away and interrogate her to find out where I was.”

Gislain’s eyebrows moved for a moment. It seems she was right.
He knows that I won’t talk to him just because of an interrogation. It is torture that he was trying to inflict on me.
I’m sure Lady Elle knows this as well. She looked at him with a cold expression.

“Master is looking for you, Lady Giselle.”
“I’ve already seen him.”
“Why do you refuse to come back?”
“How can you ask that? Wasn’t it you who protected the Viscount’s daughter and hit me without caring for Father’s life?”

Gislain’s face instantly turned pale.
I knew that the Duke had beaten up Lady Elle. I didn’t know that Gislain had done the same thing.
Startled by the shocking revelation, he fell to his knees and rubbed his head on the ground.

“P, please forgive me…! That time, I…”
“You’re asking me to forgive you just because you were under a charm spell?”
“Why do you…”
“It’s not your place to know.”

Everyone who was under a spell in the Ansanse Kingdom doesn’t know that Lady Elle was the one to break it.
They were under a spell and I did something stupid.
They probably think that if they apologize, they will be forgiven.

“I’m not kind enough to forgive what was done to me just because you were under a spell. I’m not going to forgive Father, Andre, His Highness Cyril, you, or anyone else.”

Gislain was unable to say anything back.
He was told in no uncertain terms that he was not going to be forgiven by the person he had sinned against, Lady Elle. It was only natural that he was unable to say anything.

“I’m not going to forgive anyone, and I’m not going back to the Ansanse Kingdom. You can tell Father that.”

When she had made her point, Lady Elle snapped her fingers.
The iced searchers and guards were released. They were all unconscious, but still breathing, so they are not dead. As expected of Lady Elle’s magic.

“The Kingdom needs your power…”


Lady Elle frowned at Gislain’s words.
She was annoyed with Gislain for trying to soak up her kindness. I grabbed her hand and told her that she didn’t need to listen to him.

“I have already decided not to come back. Now, back off.”
“Lady Gabrielle…!”

Gislain tried to reach out to her. But a lightning bolt shooting down from the heavens pierced his body. After being hit with a powerful spell of Lady Elle, he collapsed and let out a groan.

“Don’t you ever get concerned with me again. I won’t go easy on you the next time.”

Gislain fell down without saying a word, maybe he had felt Lady Elle’s seriousness or the pain was too much to handle.

“Let’s go, Giselle.”

Lady Elle pulled my hand and left from Gislain and the others. When we got down to the alleyway, her body shook.
She let out a painful breath and went limp, her body hotter than before.

“Why did you come…”
“I felt Gislain’s presence.”

I was no match for him, and she knew it, so she came to my rescue.

“You don’t need to worry about me…”
“It’s only natural to help a friend you care about.”

This girl is really…
She stroked my cheek and said, “Gislain and the others won’t come after us now. Let’s go back to the inn.” I wanted to cry when Lady Elle said that.
I wanted to protect her, but she wouldn’t let me protect her at the most critical moment.
I feel ashamed of my weakness.

“Please let me protect you next time.”
“Only if you get stronger than me, Giselle.”

Lady Elle smiled at me.
Having a feeling that I wasn’t match for this person, a bitter smile leaked on my face.

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