Chapter 102

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Giselle’s Point of View
It seems that I should dwell on the memories of the past in moderation.
The black-clad search party sent by the Duke Olivier was lying in wait around the inn.
There were five of them.

“Good evening.”

When I appeared in front of the search party waiting on the roof, they gave me a surprised look. It was understandable since a person had suddenly appeared behind them. When a bewildered voice asked me, “Who?” I cancelled my disguse magic.

“Lady Gi, Giselle…”
“I’m glad that you have remembered my face.”

It was three months ago that I was kicked out of Duke Olivier’s mansion. Although I thought they had forgotten me, I was glad to see that they remembered me well.
When I stared at their faces, they all looked away from me uncomfortably. They didn’t even care that I had been kicked out. I guess they feel bad about that.
The reason they didn’t pay attention to me wasn’t because they were under a charm spell.
It’s only natural, since it’s unlikely that they would have been charmed, since they had not been involved with the charm-using Viscount’s daughter in any way.
And I think it’s also natural that they don’t care about the orphaned commoners who were cast out by their master.

“If Lady Giselle is here, then Lady Gabrielle… Ughh…”

The reason I closed the distance and punched one of the investigators in the stomach when he started talking was because I felt uncomfortable. He lookedup at me, letting out a grunt, and I told him lowly, “Don’t you dare mention Lady Elle’s name.”
I don’t want those who have the Duke’s breath on them to mention Lady Elle’s name. This is selfishness on my part.
The man who was hit collapsed on the spot, a pained expression on his face. The suddenness of the situation caused an uproar in the surrounding area.

“Lady Giselle, what are you doing!”
“I’m getting rid of the disturbance.”

Lady Elle does not want these people here.
When I glared at them, the expressions of asking “What do you mean?” floated on their faces.

“Lord is waiting for young lady’s return. You don’t need to lead a difficult life all the way here…!”
“It was that very Lord of yours who had driven Lady Elle out.”
“T, that’s…”
“I will never forgive him for what he has done to Lady Elle.”

He lashed out at Lady Elle, who had done nothing wrong, and hit her, hurting her body and soul.
I can’t let him get away with his foolishness, no matter that he’s her father.

“That was because of the charm! Lord is…”
“If he had guarded against the existence of the charm magic, none of this would have happened!”

There is no way that the head of the Duke’s family does not know about the existence of charm magic.
If he thought he should be careful about it, he could prevent it. And yet, he let his guard down and let it take over his mind and hurt Lady Elle.
The people in the search party frowned at my rebuttal.

“Actually, Lord has come to this town. Lady Giselle should also come with the young lady…”
“Lady Elle does not wish to return.”

The Duke is still in this town. But considering that man’s position, he will not be able to stay for long. While I was thinking about it, a fool told me honestly, “Lord will be leaving here tomorrow!”

“They can return toge…”
“I told you, she’s not willing to return. How many times do I have to tell you?”

They are incapable of learning.
They are probably under orders from the Duke to find Lady Elle and bring her back no matter what.
Being loyal to one’s master is commendable, so I understand their feelings. However, this is something that I cannot compromise.

“Please go back to your country, if you understand.”
“Why? She is the future Queen of the Ansanse Kingdom! You know she shouldn’t be living like a commoner in a place like this!”

The future Queen?
Stop joking. The anger I had been trying to suppress overflowed from within me.
I radiated intimidation and glared sharply at them.

“What did your master and her brother do to the supposed future Queen? What did the Crown Princess did? The King, the Queen, and all her friends have hurt her!”

They can’t possibly understand the pain of Lady Elle, who was betrayed by the family she cherished, the fiancé she loved, the King and Queen she adored, and the friends who close her, and was left in despair.

“Lord, Young Master Andre, His Highness Cyril, all of them are suffering.”
“So what?”

They hurt and tormented Lady Elle. It’s wrong for those left behind in the country to continue to suffer.

“… For the sake of the Lord and the others, we have to bring the lady back!”

The man who I had punched in the stomach pointed a small dagger at me. I dodged and snapped his right arm, and a small scream echoed.
The remaining four people’s expressions suddenly turned grim, probably because I did it without hesitation.

“Are you going to fight us?”
“Please be reassured. I won’t kill you for Lady Elle’s sake.”


Lady Elle doesn’t want me to kill anyone.
I’d do anything for her, but she doesn’t want me to get my hands dirty.
However, I’ve already killed many people with my own hands to protect her.
I don’t care if I have to kill someone now.

“Lady Giselle, even if it’s you we won’t… geahh…”

I snatched a sword that one of them brandished and hit him in the stomach with the hilt, and easily crushed the second one.
Both of them can be easily cured with healing magic.
“I won’t let you get in my way, too.” I smiled at the remaining three with a warped smile.
Even if your loyalty is high, it must be difficult to fight against me, Lady Elle’s personal maid.


With a shout, I twist the arm of one of them, while another was coming towards me from behind. I moved my hand behind my back and fired an ice bullet at him. The pain was so intense that he lost consciousness without a sound.
The only reason I took him down in this way was to set an example to make the remaining two lose their will to fight.

“Still wanna continue?”
“We’re not under orders to return. Unless young lady is… guhaah…”

As I grabbed one by the neck, I poured an adjusted electric current into his body and he started to pass out while a pained voice leaked out from his mouth. The tears and drool on his face were making a mess, and he was begging me to release him, but I don’t hesitate.
I wonder if Lady Elle will cry when she finds out that my heart doesn’t move even when I do something like this. As I was thinking about this, one of the remaining men appealed to me from behind, “Please stop.”

“Lady Giselle… do you think you will be forgiven for doing this…”

When I released the man who had fainted from the electric current, the last man standing stared at me.

“I do not expect to be forgiven, but I will eliminate anyone who stands in the way of Lady Elle.”
“… Are you sure that young lady will not find happiness in the Ansanse Kingdom?”
“At least not in the current kingdom.”

Lord Jed said that Lady Elle was terribly frightened at the mere sight of her father’s face, the Duke.
But, it wasn’t just the Duke who instilled fear in her. If she was brought back, it would only break her heart.

“I’m sorry, Lady Giselle, but you’re going to have to sleep for a bit.”

All of a sudden, reinforcements have arrived.
It was too dark to see clearly, but there were more than ten of them. I’ve seen their faces before, they were the Duke’s bodyguards.
The strength of this team is not something that can be compared to a search party.

“I was wondering who it was, and it was you, Giselle.”

The person who called out to me was Gislain, the number one among the Duke’s bodyguards. He was a famous magic swordsman in the kingdom.
So even this guy had come.
There’s no guarantee that I can win now. Even so, I’m sure I can at least take their eyes off Lady Elle.

“Where is Lady Elle?”
“I won’t tell you.”
“Is that so? I’m afraid I will have to give you a hard time.”

When Gislain raised his hand, all the reinforcements that had come to help rushed towards me at once.


As soon as I felt the freezing cold, the pendant that Lady Elle gave me took on a pale light and wrapped around my whole body.
Outside, the entire search party and escort froze while screaming. As they were iced over, the powerful magic that had been controlling the area subsided.
The only ones who were safe were me and Gislain.
This magic….

“Thank you for coming.”

Gislain looked directly behind me and knelt down on the spot.
I turned around and saw her standing there.

“Lady Elle…”

It was my beloved master.

“It’s been a long time, Gislain. How dare you try to hurt my dear friend?”

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