Chapter 26

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Port Town Meil
It has been a week since I left Mr. Jed.
I arrived at my destination, the port town of Meil, through a small village.

“Simply incredible.”

The sea glowed orange in the setting sun, and I could see many cargo ships. Many white stone buildings lined the streets, letting me sense the large number of residents living here.
There were several port towns in the Ansanse Kingdom as well. But the size of Meil was incomparably different.
The number of people coming and going was probably close to the number of people visiting the Capital.
There must be many people from the Ansanse Kingdom as well.
I had to put on a disguise with more flair than usual.
I had my hair dyed black as usual, changed the color of my eyes to black, and cast a spell on myself to make my appearance look older than my actual age.

“This should be fine.”

I checked my changed appearances in the hand mirror.
I looked to be in my forties and reminded myself of my late mother, who looked a lot like me. I thought of my family members who were still alive.
I think the last thing they said to me was, “We are not family.”

“I recalled something unpleasant.”

I shook my head to forget about it.
I regained my composure and looked at Meil.
I have a feeling that I’m going to enjoy this because I have arrived in the town I had always wanted to visit.

“I have to find a place for Ami first.”

Of course, I couldn’t take Ami inside with me.
At the entrance to the town, just past the big archway, I found a stable where I could entrust her to.

“Excuse me, I would like you to look after her for me.”

There was no one at the counter when I entered.
I wondered if they were out, but when I called out, I heard a rustling sound from the back.


The man who came out of the back was shorter than me, a good-natured old man with a white beard around his mouth.
When he saw my face, he looked a little surprised.


“Are you a tourist, dear customer?”
“That’s correct.”
“… I see. Enjoy yourself.”

He told me this with a bitter smile.

Looking closely, there were not many horses left at the stables.
There were many horse-drawn carriages arriving from many villages and towns, though. Maybe it was just that not many people bothered to come with their own horses.

“How long do you plan on staying?”
“About a week for now.”
“Huh? You will stay for that long?”
“Eh? Is it long?”

I thought that was normal for tourists.
I wonder if it’s different for other people.

“Well, no. I will refund you if your stay gets shorter. Anyhow, that’s about it for now.”

He gave me the amount and I paid.
But there was something strange about his response. Just as I was getting uncomfortable, he told me to be careful.
And when I nodded my head without understanding, he smiled.

“Make sure to pick an inn before it gets dark. You cannot go outside at night.”
“Eh? Okay, I understand.”

There’s something fishy going on after all.
Is there a problem?

“Is something wrong going on here?”
“… You will understand after you go inside.”

He looked like he didn’t want to say anything, so I had to reply, “Okay.”
After thanking him for taking care of Ami, I left the stables and started walking through Meil.
There were fewer people than I had imagined, perhaps because it was evening.

“Anyhow, let’s find an inn first.”

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