Chapter 27

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Fuss at the Inn
“I wonder which inn would be good?”

I looked around and searched for an inn.
I feel that there are too few people here.
I have never been here before, so I can’t compare it to normal, though.

“That place looks good.”

Suddenly, I saw an inn at the central square.
When I walked inside with hopes of finding a place to rest, I saw a middle-aged man yelling at a young woman.

“We are leaving the town right at this moment! Return my money!”
“O, okay…!”

The man took the money that the woman had prepared and slammed the door on his way out of the inn.

“As if I would stay in this cursed town!”

This was what I heard as we passed each other.
A cursed town? What did he mean?
I guess I better check it out later.

“Ah, welcome…”

The young woman who had been yelled at greeted me feebly.

“Are you canceling your reservation as well, dear customer?”
“Eh? No, I came to rent a room…”
“So you are here for lodging!”
“Y, yeah…”

I was surprised when the woman suddenly leaned forward from the counter.
This is an inn, so it shouldn’t be anything strange, though.
The woman took out a piece of paper while I was frozen in surprise.

“How many nights are you planning to stay?”
“I would like to stay for a week for now.”
“For a week at that?”
“I came here to sightsee, so…”
“Is that so, is that so!”


I couldn’t keep up with the woman who suddenly became energetic after being yelled at earlier.
I continued on answering her questions with a forced smile.

“Oh, and lastly, please tell me what your name is.”
“It’s Elle.”
“Miss Elle, I see.”

I was handed a piece of paper with basic information such as my name, length of stay, and purpose of stay.
I guess she wanted me to confirm the contents.

“Are there any mistakes?”
“No, it looks fine to me.”
“Thank you very much. Then, as for the fee…”

When I looked at the price she quoted, it was cheaper than I expected.
I thought it should be higher because it was in a good location, but I didn’t say anything because it was not for a mere customer like me to say.

“Alright, everything seems to be in order. Let me guide you to your room then.”
“Lead the way, please.”

The woman led me to my room, humming to herself.
There was no sign of anyone inside the inn.
Maybe they were just having a meal somewhere, but even so, the fact that no one was there in the evening made me bothered.
As I was wondering if there was a reason for this, I was ushered into the room where I would be staying.

“Ah, dear customer. Please do not go outside in the middle of the night by any means!”

The left with these words after explaining the basics of the room to me.
The grandpa at the stables said the same thing earlier.
Why would they tell me not to go outside at night?

“I should have asked.”

I muttered lightly to myself in the room where I was left alone.

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