Chapter 28

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A Dispute in Front of the Cafeteria
Since I was in a port town, I wanted to eat fish dishes.
As I left the inn and walked through the central square, I noticed a busy restaurant.
There was a bit of a queue, but I guess that’s how good the food was.
I lined up at the end of the queue, and people started lining up behind me as well.

After ten minutes had passed, two men were trying to enter the store without waiting in line. I could understand if they were shopkeepers, but looking at their appearances, they were customers. They were probably sailors, judging from their unaccustomed way of walking on the ground.
An elderly woman at the front of the line stopped the pair of men.

“You guys! Line up properly!”

The men glared at the woman who was making a valid point.

“Shut up! I’m tired here, ya know!”
“Don’t get in our way, old hag.”

Just because you are tired doesn’t mean you should cut in line.
You are grown men, so you should have some common sense.
The people around me looked at the woman with concern, but none of them wanted to help.
Perhaps it was because of the muscular physique of the two men.

“Line up properly!”

The woman continued to warn them, and one of the men raised his fist in frustration.
This is bad, I quickly cast a restraining spell on the man and then formed a strong gust of wind and knocked him down. The surroundings became noisy.

“You shouldn’t raise your hand against a woman.”

I called out to the two men who were in a hurry to get through the line.
I did not want to use my magical power on something completely unnecessary.

“Is it your doing!”
“That’s correct.”

The man who I had cast the restraining spell on questioned me, so I admitted it honestly.
Meil is a place with many tourists. It is fortunate that they are not that surprised to find an ordinary person who can use magic.

“Stop shitting me! Release him!”
“No way, you will go on a rampage if I do.”

The man without the restraining spell turned red and got angry when I shunned him coldly.


“Taking me lightly!”

The man charged towards me, and after I knocked him off his feet, I cast a restraining spell on him as well.
Unable to get up, he just rolled around on the ground.

Soon after, the town guards arrived and took the men away.
They said something threatening, but I wasn’t scared, so I just smiled and bid them farewell.
I was confident that if they attacked me after they got out of jail, I would be able to defeat them without any problem.

“You lass is strong.”

As I was watching the back of the two men being taken away, an elderly woman who was about to be beaten spoke to me.

“I came from the Ansanse Kingdom to sightsee.”
“You came from that magic powerhouse, huh. No wonder you can use magic so well.”
“Yes, that’s right. I can only use some spells, I’m not that strong.”
“Well, at any rate, you helped me there. It ended without me getting hit, thanks to you.”
“Please don’t mind it.”

I just couldn’t forgive them for not using common sense and trying to hit an elderly woman.
The woman thought for a moment and then said, “Right.”

“Let me treat you to a meal as thanks.”
“Eh? But…”
“You were planning on eating here anyway, right? Why don’t we eat together!”

But I was further back in line than that. In addition to that, I had to get back in line from the beginning because I had left it. And I don’t think it’s right for me to just walk back in.

“I have to re-enter the line, so…”
“Oh, so you were worried about that.”

What’s wrong with that? The woman’s face looked as if asking me that. “This person is my savior! Is it fine for her to line up together with me?” She addressed the people queued behind her. You don’t need to go that far for me, but before I could even speak out, I heard more and more people giving their permission.

“Everyone says it’s fine. Now, let’s go together.”
“O, okay…”

All I could do was nod to the woman who didn’t seem to take no for an answer.

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