Chapter 25

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Idle Talk: Dream
His Highness Cyril and I became engaged when I was six and he was seven.
Our engagement was decided by our parents. It was a common political marriage in aristocratic society.

I will never forget the day I met him for the first time.
He was like a sparkling, cool prince in the picture books my mother used to read to me.
That was my first impression of him.

After that, I began to meet His Highness Cyril frequently. At the same time, the strict Crown Princess education began.
I was able to endure this because I was supported by the kindness of those around me.
Of all the people, His Highness Cyril was the one who supported me the most.

He always prepared delicious sweets and tea and waited for me to finish my lessons.

(I’m sorry for all the trouble I have caused you.)

I shook my head as he apologized like usual.

(Please don’t apologize.)
(When I do my best, I get praised, and you always spoil me afterward, so no matter how hard it is, I can do my best.)

I took his hand and smiled at him, and his tense cheeks softened.

(It’s my privilege to spoil you, Elle.)
(My father would get angry at you if he heard that.)
(It’s my privilege as your fiancé. No one can complain.)

His Highness Cyril smiled happily.
I loved to see that smile.

I turned fifteen and attended my coming of age ball.
The two of us sneaked out to the garden of the royal castle.
It was there that His Highness Cyril proposed to me.

(I will protect you no matter what happens. I will continue loving only you.)

I was happy to hear that. That’s why I returned my feelings.

(I will also continue loving only you.)

It was then that we kissed each other for the first time.

A happy future awaited us.
That’s what I believed.

That was until that Viscount’s daughter appeared.

When I woke up, I saw an unfamiliar ceiling.
When I got up and checked my surroundings, I found myself in a room of an inn.

When I woke up, I saw an unfamiliar ceiling.
When I got up and checked my surroundings, I found myself in a room of an inn.


Tears were rolling down my cheeks.
What had caused this?
A nostalgic, happy, and yet terribly sad dream.
I feel like I was having such a dream.

“It’s no use worrying about it. Let’s get ready.”

I should be able to arrive at Meil today.
I’m excited to see what the town has to offer.
I began to get ready, my heart filled with anticipation.

Meanwhile, at the royal castle.

“Elle, I’m sorry…”

Cyril, who also had a dream about their past, was crying tears of regret.

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