Chapter 24

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Encounter (2)
I talked to Jed while eating cream buns that Auntie Anna had given me.

“Where are you from, Elle?”
“I’m from the Ansanse Kingdom. What about you?”
“I’m from the Fall Empire.”

The Principality of Agreable is a country that separated from the Fall Empire. They are not in an open conflict, but it’s not a friendly relationship either. I have heard that there are not many people from the Empire who want to enter the Principality for that reason.
That’s why I was surprised by his reply.

“You didn’t think you would come across someone from the Empire here, right?”
“Anyone who knows the history of the two countries would think so, though.”

I wonder why he is in the Principality?
I opened my mouth to ask him, but then stopped. I didn’t want him to ask me the same question.

“Are you an adventurer, Mr. Jed?”

I tried to change the subject without thinking about it, but Mr. Jed shook his head.

“I’m just a traveler. And you?”
“I’m also a traveler.”
“Eh? You are traveling alone?”

He turned his surprised face towards me.
It’s rare for women of any origins to travel alone, after all.
His surprise is granted.

“Are you okay…?”
“There was no problem up until now.”

In fact, I have even solved the problem in a village.
I said there was no problem, but Mr. Jed lowered his eyebrows and gave me a worried look.
You don’t have to worry about it that much.

“Of course there’s a problem. I shouldn’t be saying this as you saved me, but you shouldn’t normally eat a meal together with a man you have just met.”
“That’s true, but weren’t you in trouble?”
“What would you do if I had bad intentions…”
“Eh? Do you?”
“I don’t, but let’s not deny the possibility…”

I know what Mr. Jed means.
However, I wouldn’t lose to a thug, and even if it’s someone who can fight, I have the confidence to defeat them without letting them touch me with a single finger of theirs.
I have had some combat training with knights when I was in the Ansanse Kingdom.
Yep, there’s no problem.

“I will be just fine.”

Mr. Jed let out a deep sigh at my answer.
He raised his head that was looking down and made a face of determination.


“Alright, I have decided. I will be your guard as thanks for the food.”
“I don’t need a guard.”

I immediately replied.
What is he deciding on his own?
I want to travel freely and alone, and it would be too much trouble for me to be followed by others.

“No, but…”
“No need to thank me. This bread was given to me as a gift. It wasn’t bought with my money. If you want to thank me, you can go to the auntie from the bakery in the Portu village, over there.”

After saying that, I put the only remaining cream bun in my mouth and stood up.

“Besides, I’m traveling by horse. From the looks of it, you travel by foot, right? It’s impossible for us to travel together like this.”

I’m sure he will give up after saying all this.
Mr. Jed’s face became bitter when he heard about my means of transportation.

“Thank you for your concern. However, I will be fine by myself.”
“… I get it. I give up.”

He looked unconvinced but gave up.
I am relieved that I will be able to travel alone now.

“Let me thank you properly if we meet again.”
“Yes, I will be looking forward to it.”

It’s a big continent, I doubt I will ever see him again.

“Thank you for the buns. You saved me.”
“Please don’t collapse again.”
“I will be careful.”
“Well then, I will excuse myself here.”

After bowing, I straddled Ami.
Mr. Jed approached to say goodbye.

“Let’s meet again, Elle.”

I smiled at Mr. Jed, waved my hand and left.

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