Chapter 19

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I walk together with Nanase-san in the town.

This may seem like a splendid riajuu event, but unfortunately, Nanase-san isn’t my girlfriend nor a friend.

It rather looks like an invincible class president doing chores with the help of Male Student A.

Having said that, I would be lying if I said I’m not happy being able to walk together with such bishoujo.

As expected, the tension when man and woman walk together is raising for some unknown reason.

“By the way, Kamijou-kun. Why do you carry a backpack around even though the bag is so heavy?”

Nanase-san asks.

“N~? Well, various reasons, various.”

I shake it off because it may be unnecessary.

“If you’d like, you could put it in one of the bags.”
“I have many sacred items inside, so I’d rather not separate from it……”
“……? Strange.”

I thought that carrying the bag full of Magic Stones and the backpack together would be hard, but I’m walking easily.

I feel like I have wings on my back.

My lower body muscles may have strengthened since coming to this world.

“By the way, how are the other guys doing?”
“N~, reasonably? Although there may be still some lingering shock remaining, many have started living while looking forward.”
“Can we really go back if you defeat the Demon King?”
“Yes. But, when will that happen……”

We catch sight of a long line while talking about silly things.

“Welcome! The popular Playing cards!! Only little is left in the stock! You will be able to get them if you stand in line today! Come, welcome!!”

(Oh…… it seems that the sales are good)

The sales look good as Tina said.

Selling that much of a line a month after its release, people from other countries may start lining up.

While admiring Liz’s advertising,

“The one who made the playing cards, is Kamijou-kun, right?”

I thought my heart would stop.

I unintentionally stop and ask.

“How do you know?”
“You will understand if you think a little about it. Only one person, you, Kamijou-kun, would do something like that.”

Well, that may be right.

“Yeah. Certainly, the first playing cards of this world have been made by me.”

When I answer positively, Nanase-san asks me the main question.

“For what reason, you did such a thing?”
“N~, to say it in one word, for money?”
“Yes. In order for my certain project to succeed, money was absolutely necessary.”
“A certain project?”

What to do?

Is this something I can talk about?

The thing about me building a Hot Springs Hotel, I didn’t want to inform my classmates and even the royal castle.

If I tell Nanase-san about the Hot Springs Hotel now, wouldn’t it become troublesome if the people from the castle get to know about it?

…… No, they will find soon anyway, there’s no need to hide it.

I built it with my money on the land that was bestowed upon me, there’s no reason to give me troubles.

I decided to tell her about the Hot Springs while concealing the fact about Tina’s whip wounds getting healed.

“The day I was driven out of the castle, I dug a 2000m hole in the church’s courtyard and found hot springs……”
“Hot springs!”
“Your eyes, aren’t they sparkling too much?”
“T, they are not! Continue!”

I resume the explanation.

I realized that I could make a Hot Springs Hotel thanks to the hot springs.

I have made an appointment with the architect Eiri who told me about a ridiculous construction cost.

I made the playing cards and approached a certain merchant.

And now, the Hot Springs is under a construction.

I roughly explained the situation.

During the talk, Nanase-san many times leaked voice of admiration and surprise.

“Then, the construction I saw when I came to the church is……”
“Yeah. That is the Hot Springs Hotel. It should be completed in about one month.”
“Somehow, you did something great in the time we didn’t see each other.”
“I’m surprised myself. To be honest, I didn’t think I would manage to come this far.”

Of course, it’s not like I came this far by myself.

Tina, Eiri, Liz and also the engineer-sans.

I came this far only because a lot of people helped me.

“…… Why do you work so hard?”

I reply to Nanase-san’s question after being at a loss for a while.

“N~, if I had to say…… right. Because in Japan I was just aimlessly watching anime, reading novels and did nothing at all. A recoil to coming to this world, maybe?”

If not hot springs, I think I would take some different action.

Remodeling the church for the orphanage or creating a fortune with modern products like I did with the playing cards for example.

“You are strong, Kamijou-kun.”
“Yeah, very strong.”

A slight shadow has appeared on Nanase-san’s face.

She’s looking at me, yet her eyes are staring somewhere in the distance like they staring at the void.

“Being oppressed by everyone so much, brought to this world, being treated as useless and driven out…… and yet you recovered so much…..”

Her state is somewhat strange.

Did I step on some landmine?

“At least, I wouldn’t be able to do such a thing. Impossible, absolutely, I wouldn’t be able to recover……”
“Wait, wait! What is happening with you all of sudden, Nanase-san!”

I raise my voice and extend my hand towards Nanase-san.

Nanse-san opens her eyes wide and lowers her head in apology.

“Sorry, I lost my composure.”
“I, I’m also sorry. It looked like I somehow hurt Nanase-san’s feelings.”
“Mm, you are wrong.”

Nanase-san shakes her head horizontally.

“It’s not like I blame Kamijou-kun. I just was a little envious, a little jealous.”

What’s that about?

Before being able to ask, Nanase-san turns around as if saying it’s the end of that talk and says,

“Now, let’s hurry up! If we don’t hurry, it will get dark.”

She puts on her usual “Nanase Iori” smile and starts walking.

…… It can’t be helped that I felt like that smile was a little unnatural.

“This is good enough, thank you.”

After leaving the Magic Stones at a store, Nanase-san thanks me.

“You are welcome. You have worked hard, Nanase-san.”

Since the incident a while ago, I couldn’t help, but be interested in Nanase-san for some reason.

I felt like she is hiding something.

I would like to help if possible.

But, while that may be true, my relationship with Nanase-san is too thin to bring that up again.

The subject seems to be splendidly ignored.

“It has been a long time, but I’m glad you are fine more than anything.”
“You also. I’m glad that you are still the same Nanase-san.”

It seems she didn’t mind me emphasizing on the word “same”, she instead smiles and says,

“Be careful of your body. Do your best with the hot springs. Well then, goodbye.”


Somehow, those words pierced my heart.

I must not let her leave like that.

I had such a feeling.

To Nana-san who suddenly turned around, I──

“That, Nanase-san!!”

I called out to her.

Nanase-san turns around.

I take off my backpack and move closer to her.

“I was puzzled over if to hand it to you or not, but here.”

I handed a certain item from my backpack to the puzzled Nanase-san.

“…… This is.”

I present her a pocket-size light novel and say.

“The latest volume of Horrible Magic Teacher. I was thinking that maybe you’d like to read it.”

I knew.

That Nanase-san has unexpected hobby──She shares the otaku hobbies with me.

Therefore, when she unconsciously said it, I wasn’t surprised.

“Why, such thing……?”
“You see, I accidentally saw Nanase-san reserve this novel in a bookstore.”

I add that I didn’t have any ill will.

I have said something I shouldn’t have.

Nanase-san’s expression tells me that.

“Ah, I will definitely not tell anyone so rest assured! I may look like this my lips are sealed!”

In the first place, I have no partner to tell it to!

While self-deprecating my innermost thoughts, Nanase-san avoids my eyes in bewilderment and says,

“But…… this, was supposed to arrive on the day of the summoning……”
“I got it from a nearby bookstore. You see, I also love this series. I bought it early in the morning on the day of the arrival of goods.”

I put it into my backpack by a chance after the end of the test.

I hand over the novel.

Nanase-san received the novel with steam coming out of her head.

Nanase-san longly stares at the novel.

Then, when the rain finally started coming down from the sky, Nanase-san muttered.

“This was the last part of the novel, therefore…… I was very sad when I thought that I won’t be able to read it anymore.”

Nanase-san holds the novel to her chest as if it was a treasure and says,

“Thank you. I’m really happy…… Thank you!”


Nanase-san is different from the usual.

I was fascinated by her exceptional smile.

(C, crap…… Nanase-san, no matter what, that is against the rules……!!)

You are too cute!

I received a shock as if my heart was dyed pink.

“O, ou! You are welcome!”

When our eyes met, I abruptly turned around.

What am I, an elementary school student?

“I, I will read it right after I get back! Thank you very much! Then, see you again, Kamijou-kun!!”

Words of goodbye different from the ones before.

Nanase-san became in a visibly good mood.

She happily runs away and on the contrary to my expectations, she turns around and shouts,

“Notify me when the hot springs open! I will definitely come!”

She rapidly says in order to hide her embarrassment.

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