Chapter 18

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Speaking of Nanase Iori, there’s no more famous than her in our Umenotsuji High School.

Her academic results are at the top of the grade, and naturally, her physical abilities are also outstanding.

With propositions that no man could resist, she was called the number one beauty in the school.

Working as a class president, with her looks and character she earned the trust of everyone.

Really, the very picture of flawless beauty.

However, Nanase-san is one of the people on my not good list.

That’s because she was frequently together with the people that were daily bullying me.

Even something not happening in the class could be considered rare.

No, that doesn’t matter right now.

The question is, why is she here?

“Tina, go inside for a little bit.”
“Eh, but……”
“Just go.”

I send Tina away and face Nanase-san.

Nanase-san is wearing the same blazer type uniform she did in the school, her long jet-black hair is freely flowing in the wind.

If this was manga, a glittering particle effect would be definitely used at her.

“What kind of business do you have with me, Nanase-san?”
“As you can see, I’m in charge of the collection.”

Nanase-san raises the bag she has in her right hand and smiles.

“The usual person?”
“He apparently went down with sickness and couldn’t work today. Therefore, I came instead of him.”
“So, why Nanase-san? Wouldn’t it be better to send other soldiers instead?”
“Because they were troubled, I volunteered. I am receiving a payment for this, so it’s not charitable.”
“Just that, huh……”

I’m afraid that she has an ulterior motive.

As if there was an invisible sword flickering behind her.

“There’s no need to be so cautious.”

Nanase-san pouts.

“It’s a conditioned reflex, it can’t be helped, okay?”
“Even though I did nothing in particular……”
“…… I didn’t say anything.”

Certainly, Nanase-san didn’t bully me directly.

Nanase-san wasn’t there when Tougou’s group bullied me.

I have an impression that she observed from a distance.

“…… Because I did nothing I did an equal offense, huh.”
“Come again?”
“It’s nothing! Hey, quickly take out the Magic Stones. If we don’t hurry, the sun will go down, you know?”
“The deal won’t take that long to make, right?”

For now, there doesn’t seem to be any sign of harm.

Let’s finish the business and politely send her away.

Thinking that, I went to get the Magic Stones.


“Umm…… red Magic Stone is one silver coin, that makes 25 silver coins…… ah, wrong! I made a mistake!”
“The sun is really going down.”

I spread the Magic Stones in the courtyard and Nanase-san calculated the amount of Magic Stones and recorded it in her notebook.


“Wha, it’s my first time so there’s no helping it. Besides, I neglect mathematics remarkably these days, so my counting ability has recently dropped.”

Nanase-san makes an excuse with a blushing face.

I sigh and pick up the Magic Stones in my hand.

“The value of this stone and that stone is the same, so it’s better to count them together. Umm, let’s see, three gold coins? Then, this and this……”
“…… Kamijou-kun, you can such quick calculations?”

Nanase-san seems to be slightly vexed.

“I learned from the person who came to collect every week. Ah, since it’s such a big sum, I will do the calculations.”
“T, thank you…… that would help.”
“It’s nothing much.”

Rather, being thanked by the exceptionally cute Nanase-san doesn’t feel bad.

I feel like my head is working five times faster than usual.

“All right, it’s done!”
“Oh~ you worked hard.”

After finished adding up the numbers, I fill the bag with the Magic Stones.

Two heavy-looking bags were ready.

“A wonderful quantity…… do you always collect this much?”
“No, I had help from a lot of people this time. There will be a decrease next week.”
“I would be happy if that happens. If I had to carry this much every week my back wouldn’t survive no matter how many of them I would have.”
“Eh, why does it feel like you will come again next week?”
“Forget that remark!”
“…… ??”

Somehow, Nanase-san feels different from the usual.

I had an impression that Nanase-san was a cool person that could do anything.

The present Nanase-san looks like a tsundere from the anime I often watched.

Should I say this way is better?

“Hmm. With this much, it would be hard to carry it at once. Should I make two rounds?”
“It’s alright, I will carry this one.”
“Eh…… that would surely make me feel bad.”
“It’s alright.”

Letting a girl carry such heavy bags would make me feel guilty.

“But, going to the Royal Castle is……”

Nanase-san averts her eyes awkwardly.

I understand what she is trying to say.

Certainly, if someone saw me walking together with her, it would create trouble for Nanase-san.

“There is a place before the castle where baggage is left, I will carry it until there.”

Nanase-san thought about my suggestion for a while, but eventually, she gave up and sighed,

“Then, could I ask for your help?”
“That wish of yours, I will grant it with all my heart!”
“Linnaues’ words?”
“Yeah, it’s from Horrible Magic Teacher. Huh, do you like it?”
“……!? I, I just glanced at what my little sister was reading by a chance! It’s not like I reread it many times because it was so addictive!”
“E, hee…… Is that so?”

What with this self-destructive tsundere remark?

Crap, I unintentionally said it, she’s making that expression.

Be that as may, I wasn’t surprised that much by Nanase-san’s remark.

I decided to pretend to act as if I didn’t hear it and lifted one of the bags.

“Then, let’s go.”
“Somehow, I am sorry, really.”
“Don’t mind, don’t mind.”

Thus, I went to the town together with Nanase-san.

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