Chapter 65

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Opening the “Spider’s Cotton Cloud”
One week after completing the handover of the store, my store was finally opening.
Until now, I’ve been busy arranging furniture, tableware, and various household items, as well as setting up the merchandise in the store.
All of that came to an end yesterday, and today is the day I can finally open the store.
I’m a little nervous about whether customers will come in or not.

“Hmm? Are you nervous, Lady Lily?”

“I am, Keuko. I’m nervous about how the store will do.”

“Won’t things be okay? You open the store for three days, go collect magic stones for two days, and then have one day off, right? While fixed income decreases, considering the amount of silk you supply to the Trade Guild, you can cover our escort fees, store taxes, and living expenses and still have some change left.”

“It’s not exactly that kind of problem.”

Yes, it’s true that if it was just living expenses, it wouldn’t be a problem if the clothes didn’t sell well.
But I really want the clothes I’ve created to sell.
I’ve put a lot of effort into preparing for this, and I don’t want it to go to waste.

“Lady Lily, it’s almost time to open.”

“Thank you, Tomoa. Well then, it’s the first day of opening. Let’s welcome the customers with a smile!”



Despite mustering my determination and opening the store, not even a passerby showed up in the morning.
What could be going wrong?

As I pondered this while waiting for customers, the doorbell at the entrance chimed a pleasant little tune.


“Hello, Lady Lily. It seems like business isn’t booming here.”

“Oh, Alizée. Are you here for an inspection from the Trade Guild today?”

“No, I came for personal shopping. I was curious about what kinds of items are available.”

“I see, please take your time. The fitting rooms are over there, so feel free to try on any items you like.”

As I guided Alizée, she looked extremely puzzled.
Did I say something strange?

“Fitting? Can you try on items in this store?”

“Yes, you can… Is it not common to do so?”


“Due to my profession, I can’t buy second-hand clothes, so I often buy new clothes. But trying them on is impossible. I just imagine whether the clothes will fit me or not.”

“… There are no full-length mirrors either?”

“Of course not.”

“In my store, we do have mirrors, so please feel free to use them.”

It seems that the services offered in my store are quite unique.
I was warned to be careful not to break the mirrors.
They cannot be seen by naked eye, but they are wrapped with Talat’s threads, so they won’t break easily.

After much contemplation and trying on several items, Alizée ended up purchasing over ten outfits.
I think my designs that are not of this world had suited Alizée’s sensibilities.
As I folded the clothes and handed them to her, she left in high spirits.
I’m glad if she’s pleased.

After Alizée left, it wasn’t long before Melanie, the receptionist from the Adventurers’ Guild, came by.
This time, it appeared to be a genuine inspection from the Adventurers’ Guild.

“Hmm, I see. So, you’re not only selling clothing but also leather armor and gauntlets?”

“Yes. It also serves as practice for my magic tailoring skills.”

“I see. By the way, these two, they look like leather armor made from the same material, but why is there a 4,000 Rubies price difference?”

“The more expensive one comes with enchantments. It has ‘Increased Defense’ and ‘Increased Magic Resistance’ enchantments.”

“I see, that does make it more expensive. In fact, getting two enchantments for just a 4,000 Rubies difference is quite a deal.”

“Well, the enchantments are a bonus.”

“By the way, does this store accept equipment for trade-in?”

“No, we only sell.”

“I see. Understood, I’ll make sure to spread the word about your store when I return to the Adventurers’ Guild.”

“Thank you. Oh, but please remember that this store is for women only. If men come, they’ll be turned away at the door, so please convey that as well.”

“Got it. Goodbye then.”

After Melanie left, there were no more customers.
On the first day, the only sales came from Alizée.
Nevertheless, selling over ten outfits still made for a decent profit.

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