Chapter 132

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Let’s Go See the Vehicle
According to Alizée, it would be better to see the actual vehicle and purchase it sooner rather than later.
So, leaving the shop in the hands of Tanya and others, I accompanied Alizée to the vehicle store under her guidance.
The store was located on the outskirts of the city, so we used a shared carriage to get there.
The store we arrived at was quite a large establishment.

“Alizée, is this really the right place?”

“Yes, it is. The owner of this shop personally brought the matter to the Trade Guild. Let’s hear the details inside.”

Without any hesitation, Alizée entered the shop.
We followed suit, but I can’t help feeling a bit out of place.
After all, magic vehicles are considered luxury items in this world.

After a brief exchange with a shop assistant, they quickly left, and a robust old man replaced them in a hurry.
Could he be the owner of this shop?
Let’s get talking.

“Oh, Lady Alizée. You’ve come promptly.”

“Yes. Pardon us for intruding, Master Nasareno.”

“So, who is the one considering purchasing that vehicle?”

“Well, calm down. It’s not decided yet. We need to talk first.”

“I see. And who is our negotiating partner?”

“The negotiating partner is Lady Lily behind me. She is a merchant I personally handle at the Trade Guild.”

“Lady Lily… I see. Welcome, Lady Lily. I am Nasareno, the owner of this vehicle shop.”

“Nice to meet you, I’m Lily. Pleased to make your acquaintance.”


“No need for small talk. Let’s head to the negotiation room.”

Following Mr. Nasareno’s guidance, we entered the negotiation room.
The room, while simple, had a remarkable charm. It was likely furnished with not-so-inexpensive items.

“Well then, please have a seat.”

“Excuse us, then…”

The chairs were wooden but sturdy.
Reinforced with leather, sitting on them didn’t make my back or bottom ache.
Very high-quality chairs.
They probably spent a lot of money on things like this.

“Now, why did you recommend that vehicle to a Magic Tailor and clothes merchant, Lady Alizée?”

Uh, so he knows I’m a clothes merchant.
Only a few people should know that, and Alizée shouldn’t have mentioned it.
Did they find out through their own means?

“So you know that Lady Lily is a clothes merchant, Master Nasareno. I judged that it wouldn’t be a bad idea for her to have that vehicle, so we came here to buy it.”

“However, that vehicle comes with containers for transporting materials, more suitable for adventurers. It’s not something a clothes merchant would need…”

“Of course, there are reasons we can’t discuss here. For Lady Lily, that vehicle is a valuable asset for her business.”

“Hmm… I am also urgently looking for a buyer, but it doesn’t sit well with me to sell it to someone who doesn’t need it. Let’s first have you confirm the specs with the catalog.”

Even though I’m excluded from the conversation, it seems that I will be shown the catalog for this vehicle.
I haven’t asked about the details of the vehicle, so I’ll take this opportunity to carefully review it.

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