Chapter 66

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Second Week in Business
“Thank you for shopping with us!”

Another customer left after purchasing some clothes.
Last week, hardly any customers came, but this week, many people have been visiting.

The most common customers were from the Trade Guild.
They knew about me selling underwear from before, and it seems that after Alizée bought clothes from me, she immediately wore them.
This drew attention, and they decided to visit my store.

The next most common customers were adventurers.
Thanks to Melanie’s introduction, female adventurers have been coming in search of equipment.
In my store, I sell armor for adventurers who have just reached the Black Rank and those who have recently entered the Blue Rank.
I can’t offer anything beyond that because I can’t make armor stronger than leather armor yet.
I might consider selling them in the future, but it depends on the cost and other factors.
Adventurers also buy thicker clothes from me.
I’ve never really thought about it, but without these, their clothes can easily be torn by monster fangs and claws, resulting in injuries.
The Wildcat Claws have been giving out various advice, and I hope this store becomes a convenient place for female adventurers to equip themselves.
For weapons, we recommend Teysa and Hannon’s shop, The Gleam of Molten Iron.
They can get good weapons there, even at a reasonable price.

By the way, there weren’t many ordinary townsfolk coming in yet.
The prices are relatively high because I only sell brand-new clothes, and the store doesn’t allow men inside.
This combination has deterred many potential customers.
I do have some affordable clothing in stock, but the store’s reputation is still limited.

That’s how the second week of business was going.
There were a few customers inside the shop, so it felt relatively empty.
I’d like more customers, but I wonder what a typical clothing store is like?
I only have vague memories of visiting one when I was very young in my past life, so I don’t recall how crowded it was.
Maybe it just looks empty compared to the stores from my past life because I have fewer products.
But then again, increasing the number of products that may or may not sell is a bit tricky.

As I was lost in thought, the doorbell rang again with its pleasant sound.

“Welcome… Ah, Melanie.”

“Hello, Lily. You have customers today as well.”

“You helped us with promotion too. It’s thanks to you.”

“I did it for the sake of female adventurers. After all, women adventurers have a tough time.”

“Oh, indeed.”

“It’s a profession dominated by men, and physical strength is highly valued in this world.”


Hmm, the world of adventurers is tough, too.
I’m a Green Rank adventurer myself, but my qualifications are just in name at this point.
My equipment is all gifts from the Goddess.

“Well, today I came shopping on my day off. I’ll take my time looking around.”

“Of course. Please take your time.”

Melanie went towards the back of the store… oh, she headed to the underwear section.
Actually, the sales of underwear are higher than clothing.
It seems that bras are more popular than the constricting bandeau.
Many people still resist wearing the panties, though.

“Hmm. Your store really has a good selection.”

“Thank you, Melanie.”

“There were cute panties too… What are those used for?”

“Hm? You use them based on your mood for the day. Oh, we also have something called a ‘show-off bra’…”

“What’s that?”

“It’s when you deliberately show a part of your bra from your clothing. Of course, it’s not a design like regular underwear, it looks like it’s supposed to be a part of your clothing.”

“I see, that’s interesting. But if I wore something like that, I feel like the lecherous gazes of adventurers would be even more intense.”


Melanie mentioned that when she first switched to a bra, she felt like the gazes of adventurers were fixated on her chest.
Adventurers are mostly young men, after all, and many of them lack female companionship, so it’s somewhat unavoidable.
To a degree, though.

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