Chapter 130

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Highway Safety
One week has passed since we went on the Dribs Golems subjugation.
The Adventurers’ Guild seems to be fully dedicated to intercepting them.
They gather as many people as possible and hunt numerous Dribs Golems every day.
However, it seems that efficiency is not improving much because they can’t camp leisurely within the Dribs Golem’s range of activity, and using magic carriages like we did is not easily feasible.
Nevertheless, they are using them within their capabilities and providing transportation for adventurers.

So, we’ve somehow managed to defeat the Dribs Golems on the Vardmoi side.
The problem lies in the Capital on the opposite side of Vardmoi…

“Well, have you not taken any measures on the Capital’s side?”

“Not that we haven’t taken measures, but it’s more like it’s already too late…”

According to Melanie, who came to my shop, Dribs Golems have been frequently sighted on the Capital’s side as well.
The problem lies in the Capital’s response; they decided not to actively defeat the Dribs Golems but leave them be.
As a result, the highway between the Capital and Vardmoi is effectively closed, disrupting the flow of goods.
For the Capital, it’s just one road that is unusable, but for Vardmoi, it means a disruption in logistics with the Capital and towns beyond.
This is highly undesirable, especially for merchants dealing with perishable goods like food.
They tried contacting the Adventurers’ Guild in the Capital, but it seems they received a response saying they can’t handle an amount beyond what they can deal with on their own.
In conclusion, it’s a hopeless situation.

“Doesn’t this reflect a failure on the part of the Adventurers’ Guild?”

“It is a failure on the part of the Adventurers’ Guild too, but… even more so, it’s a failure on the part of the Knights Order responsible for defending the Capital. Normally, when there’s a likelihood of direct harm to the Capital, it’s the Knights Order that deals with monster extermination for the defense of the Capital.”


“So, the Adventurers’ Guild did not make a mistake?”

“Well, there is some fault on their part, but usually, they receive a warning from the Knights Order before the situation escalates to this point. However, this time, they allowed a large-scale outbreak without any warning. There’s nothing left to do but close the highway.”

It’s not really productive to blame Melanie, but that seems to be the situation.
By the way, the residents of the village along the way have completed evacuation, and there seems to be no human casualties.
However, since livestock couldn’t be evacuated, the extent of damage is unknown, and in some cases, villages might end up abandoned.
It’s quite a tough situation.

By the way, it seems that the Dribs Golems that come into the visible range from the Capital are being exploded with lightning attribute magic.
They are not holding back on the defense of the Capital.
According to Melanie’s speculation, they probably didn’t want to fight and incur casualties in the forest.
Truly a dire situation.

As for what to do in the future, it seems that on the Vardmoi side, they will continue hunting Dribs Golems and secure the safety of the highway, at least until partway.
The purchase of Dribs Golem cores is confirmed, and magic stones are being bought at high prices, so it’s a lucrative time for adventurers.
There are cases of adventurers pushing themselves too hard, getting seriously injured, or even dying, but the Adventurers’ Guild doesn’t plan to take care of them, and there’s no reason for them to do so.

In about a month, the Dribs Golems are expected to naturally disappear, so it seems like a bonus time until then.
We also go hunting once a week with a magic cart provided by Alizée, and while it’s not my place to comment on others, Alizée seems satisfied since we can secure materials in the place of the Ogres.
The quality of magic stones is good, so I can mass-produce Spider Silk.
Since Spider Silk doesn’t rot, stopping exports to the Capital temporarily is not an issue, and it serves as a trade commodity with countries across the sea from the port.
Anyway, let’s cooperate in eliminating the Dribs Golems while staying vigilant.

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