Chapter 64

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Completed, Lily’s store “Spider’s Cotton Cloud”
A month passed without any major events after meeting the Marquis Vardmoi.
Somehow, it became known that I was making bras and panties, and although I do, I only sell them through the Trade Guild for now.
After all, I don’t want to sell women’s underwear at a street stall.
In addition, the clothes I make are also sold at the Guild’s direct sales outlets.
They do charge a commission, but it’s more convenient than setting up a stall myself.
Plus, Alizée warned me that as a Copper-ranked merchant, I shouldn’t be setting up a street stall in the main city of my operations.
It’s a shame.

And finally, the long-awaited day for the handover of my shop arrived.
Since it was okay to go in the morning, I headed to the shop right after breakfast.
The owner of the construction company was waiting in front of the shop.

“Good morning. I apologize for having the owner wait personally.”

“No, it’s the other way around. If our company handles a shop with Marquis Vardmoi’s endorsement, it adds prestige to us.”

“In that case, that’s good to hear. Before I check the inside… what’s with this space here?”

There was something like a parking space next to my shop.
This area was supposed to be empty, so what happened?

“That space is a parking lot created through the Marquis’s generosity. It can accommodate quite large magic vehicles. It was deemed necessary for preparing a vehicle when traveling to other cities.”

Hmm, I hadn’t really thought about going to other cities.
But if it’s the Marquis’s generosity, I can’t really refuse, can I?
I’ll graciously accept it and buy a vehicle later.

After receiving an explanation about the parking lot, we were led inside the shop.
Inside, all the furnishings I had envisioned, including built-in shelves I had requested, were in place.
This construction company really did a great job.


“We’ve prepared everything according to your request. The interior lighting is also as you desired, with indirect lighting to create a bright atmosphere.”

“Thank you very much. May I check the room in the back?”

“Yes, of course.”

I arrived in the room in the back, which was intended to be a dedicated space for women’s underwear and lingerie.
It was smaller than the original shop, but still reasonably spacious.
There were skylights in the ceiling, providing a sense of openness.
Ideally, I would have liked to have some sort of magic mirror to see what’s happening outside, but going to that extent might be embarrassing.
Instead, I had placed large mirrors throughout the shop, and there was even a full-length mirror in the fitting room.
These mirrors were considered luxury items even in Vardmoi, but I managed to acquire them.
Just to be safe, I secured the full-length mirror in place with Talat’s thread.
I don’t expect any issues, but better to be safe than sorry.
The sides of the mirrors were also reinforced with invisible threads, making them unbreakable by ordinary means.

The backyard was perfect as well.
There were shelves for sorting products by type and storage cases for items like fabric.
Everything was prepared.
The first floor is in perfect order.

Next, I went upstairs to the second floor.
There was a reception room right next to the stairs.
Originally, there was no room here, but I decided to have it built in case there were business negotiations or other meetings.
I haven’t bought furniture or furnishings for it yet, but I plan to do that soon.

On the second floor, there were also shared spaces like a kitchen, living room, and a bathroom.
I had the bath made with a wood that resembled hinoki, a type of cypress known for being resistant to moisture and mold.
It seems this wood is famous for those qualities, but it wasn’t initially considered for use in a bathroom.
However, since it also has excellent heat resistance, they said they would recommend it for future projects at this construction company.

The third floor consisted of a bedroom and a study.
The master bedroom, where I sleep, is connected to the study, which also serves as my office.
There are six bedrooms in total, with four of them designated for the members of the Wildcat Claws and the remaining two for guests.

We divided the work to check if there were any damages to the walls or elsewhere, but everything looked fine.
The property handover was complete.
This shop officially became mine.
The sign displayed the name “Spider’s Cotton Cloud,” which is the name of my shop.
I have some products prepared, but first, we need to gather tools for our daily life.
I’m going to work hard from here on out!

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