Chapter 63

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Marquis Vardmoi
When we arrived at the Marquis Vardmoi’s residence, we were escorted to the parlor.
By the way, all my equipment was stowed away in a backpack in the carriage.
As long as the Copper-rank merchant had guards with them, it wasn’t considered unusual to carry weapons around the city.
My guards, the members of the Wildcat Claws, had left their equipment at the entrance.
The servants were struggling with the weight of their gear…

While sipping tea and waiting for the Marquis Vardmoi’s arrival, there was a knock on the door, and finally, the Marquis Vardmoi had arrived.
We all rose from the sofa and bowed.

“Very well, please be seated.”

With permission granted, we returned to our seats, and there stood the Marquis Vardmoi and two others right in front of us.
There were three of them—a man, a woman, and a young girl.
The man was the Marquis Vardmoi, the woman must be the Marquis’s wife, and the girl appeared to be their daughter.

“Marquis Vardmoi, thank you for taking the time today to meet us.”

“Yes. Let’s sit first. No need to be reserved.”

“Yes, thank you.”

Everyone took their seats, and after introducing ourselves, we began discussing today’s business.
However, the daughter seemed fixated on Talat the entire time.
It’s probably because giant spiders are quite unusual.
Talat’s face also looks like it’s been deformed.
I’d cry too if it looked realistic.

“… So, with the circumstances I’ve mentioned, we hope that Marquis Vardmoi would be willing to support Lily here.”

“Hmm. If she truly is a magic tailor capable of making clothes from Spider Silk, then it would be wise for our family to support her. We cannot allow her to be taken by another noble house.”

“Well, then…”

“However, that’s assuming all of this is true. I believe in the Guild Master of the Trade Guild, but it’s hard to believe that a young Elf like her possesses such skills.”

“In that case, would you be willing to let me demonstrate it?”

“That’s a good idea. What tools do you need?”

“Everything is in Lily’s backpack. Lily, please prepare for the demonstration.”

“Yes, understood.”

I started taking out the tools one by one from my backpack. The fabric was a bit short, so I need to prepare another roll.
Once the tools were ready, it was time for the demonstration.
I used magic to shape the fabric and pattern into a blouse.
This time, there were a few more failures, and it took six tries to complete the blouse.

“What do you think after seeing the blouse being created?”


“Hmm, it seems that the Guild Master of the Trade Guild was telling the truth. Very well, I will become her patron.”

“Thank you. This will put our minds at ease.”

“Yes, indeed. By the way, what about that blouse? Can I buy it?”

“Huh? This one?”

“Yes, that’s right. It’s still too big for my second daughter, Bern, who is standing here, but I have another daughter, Kou, who is currently in the Capital. I’d like it to gift it to her when she returns.”

“Understood. What color would you like it to be?”


“I have a universal dye in my possession. I can dye it in any color you desire.”

“No, it would be too expensive to use a universal dye on just one blouse. This color is fine.”

“Is that so… Understood. In the future, please specify the color when you have any requests. I can dye it to your exact preference.”

“I see. But is it really okay to use a universal dye so casually?”

“My universal dye is a special one. As long as I use it, the quantity doesn’t decrease. So, feel free to make requests.”

“… I see, I now see why you need my backing.”

“Have you understood what we’ve been trying to say?”

“I’m not going to say I don’t like the idea. As I recall, Lily is opening a store in the city, right? I’ll arrange to have the emblem of my patronage placed on her store. That way, no one would dare to have foolish thoughts.”

“Thank you. Lily can be a bit careless, so…”

Am I really that accident-prone?
Anyway, I’ve gained the support of a major noble.
Now, all that’s left is to wait for the completion of the shop.

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