Chapter 62

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Meeting with Marquis Vardmoi
After a while, Priscilla, who looked like she had a headache, came back with Alizée.
It seemed that the Spider Silk clothes were indeed a source of trouble.

“It’s been a while, Lily. Thank you for the bra and panties. I’m also grateful to use them.”

“That’s good to hear. So, about those clothes…”

“Let’s talk about that. To put it bluntly, it’s not good for commoners to wear these clothes. Spider Silk itself is only bought by wealthy merchants, and clothes made from it are something that only very rich or noble people wear. Even if you can make them yourself, I don’t recommend wearing them.”

I knew it.
I had given up on the Goddess’s clothes because they were more high-quality, but I still wanted to wear the clothes I designed myself.
Is there any way to disguise them, so I can wear them?

“So, about these clothes, they can be resized, right?”

“Yes. I have done them via magic tailoring.”

“Then let’s go to the Marquis Vardmoi together.”

“Marquis Vardmoi!? A nobleman!?”

“The Marquis Vardmoi is a nobleman who cares about the people. He must have been interested in you for a long time and had someone investigate you.”

I didn’t know that.
When I looked back, everyone from the Wildcat Claws also shook their heads, so it must have been a very skilled person who collected the information.
This is getting scary.

“If you can also make clothes out of the Spider Silk, you should have a noble backing you up. You’re not just an individual merchant anymore.”


“Um, what kind of restrictions would that entail?”

“Marquis Vardmoi won’t be unreasonable. If anything, you might get some urgent work that only you can do.”

Hmm, the benefits are getting a noble backing and being less likely to be interfered with, and the drawbacks are having to prioritize the noble’s work sometimes.
… It can’t be helped, let’s give up.

“I understand. I’ll go see the Marquis Vardmoi.”

“Thank you. I’ll send a messenger to arrange a meeting right away, so please wait for a while.”

I was just having fun making clothes, but the situation has gotten bigger.
Hmm, I should also limit the use of enchantments like detoxification and such.
They will definitely fight over them among the nobles.
I want to do business freely!

After a while, Priscilla came back.
She said she had made an appointment with the Marquis Vardmoi for the afternoon.
She said it was not a tea party or a dinner party, so it would be fine as long as we had the minimum manners, but that was doubtful for us.
We decided to learn some manners while we waited.

After waiting for a while and learning some manners, we were told that the carriage to go to the Marquis Vardmoi’s mansion was ready, so we headed to where the carriage stop.
It seemed that we would use the most expensive carriage among the ones owned by the Trade Guild.
The ones who would go to the Marquis Vardmoi’s mansion were me and Talat, Priscilla, Alizée, and the four members of Wildcat Claws, a total of seven people and one animal.
Priscilla had also obtained permission to bring Talat with us in advance.
A capable woman hits different.

The carriage entered the noble district, which we usually didn’t even approach, and stopped in front of the largest mansion there.
This seemed to be the Marquis Vardmoi’s mansion.

“Lily, are you ready?”

I’m not ready at all!
I just came to consult about what to do with the clothes I made, but suddenly I have to meet with a nobleman who rules the city. Isn’t that too sudden!?
Ugh~ I’m so nervous.
Will I be able to talk properly…?

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