Chapter 61

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Spider Silk Clothing Completed
The commotion over bras and panties in each guild settled down in about a week.
The receptionists complained that the guys’ stares were stuck on their chests, but there was nothing to be done about it.
There were also receptionists with melon-sized assets, after all…

Now, as for what I was doing, I was making a pattern.
Not a simple dress, but a somewhat fashionable blouse.
I usually don’t make this kind of fashionable attire, but today is different.
Thanks to my usual training, I can finally handle Spider Silk with magic tailoring!
While I can’t make a whole outfit in one go like regular fabric, I have an abundant supply of materials, so I can make it without worrying about material consumption!

“The pattern is complete! Let’s get started with magic tailoring!”

I took the pattern and Spider Silk and activated my magic tailoring skill.
The amount of Spider Silk and pattern decreased, and a partially completed blouse appeared.
At this rate, maybe it’ll take about three more rounds of magic tailoring to finish the blouse?

“Let’s continue!”

After trying a few more rounds of magic tailoring, I had one failure, but the blouse was completed in a total of five rounds.
It was a cute blouse with frills and such.
But, it was all one color represented by the silk.
However, I had received a gift from the Goddess!

“Universal Dye! It’s your turn!”


It was a dye in the tailoring kit that the Goddess prepared for me.
This dye could create any color I wanted.
It was easy to use—just touch the part you want to dye while imagining the color you desire.
The drawback is that the entire piece gets dyed at once, but the idea of getting the exact color I want was enticing.
Plus, this dye never runs out.
As long as I keep using it, I can keep dyeing infinite colors.
It stinks of cheat!

Looking at the blouse dyed from light pink to orange, I contemplate what to do next.
Ideally, I’d love to put it on and stroll through town, but that’s probably not a good idea.
Wearing such a high-quality silk garment while walking around town would practically be an invitation to trouble.
No matter how many guards I have, there are always risks.
Besides, I have the conspicuous Talat by my side.
And considering I’ve chosen a specific inn to stay in, they might even use the inn’s staff as leverage.
So, it’s probably best for me not to wear it while walking around.

Now, where to go in this situation?
Of course, it’s to visit Alizée at the Trade Guild.
She knew that I wanted to make clothing from Spider Silk as my goal, so it should be fine.
Therefore, the next day, I visited Alizée right away.

“You’ve completed the Spider Silk clothing.”

“Yes, I have. What should we do with this?”

“Not wearing it and bringing it like this was a wise choice. No merchant would walk around wearing something like this.”

Just as I thought~
From both a defensive and tactile perspective, Spider Silk is perfect for lining.
When I mentioned that, she said it was fine as long as it wasn’t noticeable.
Now, the issue was this conspicuous clothing.
According to Alizée, Spider Silk with such vibrant dyeing was quite rare.
I told her I could make as much as needed, which made her even more baffled.
Alizée asked me to also make a blouse without dyeing, and she carefully took that one.
It seems she’s going to see Priscilla, who is the Guild Master of the Trade Guild.
Hmm, I have a feeling this is important.

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