Chapter 60

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Bras and Panties
We decided to do leather armor for men as well, and a total of 30 were sold.
I had to raise the price slightly for men, but there was no choice.
As a woman myself, I have to support women of this world.

Now, today, I came to the Trade Guild.
I was negotiating in a private room with Alizée.

“Lady Lily, have you created anything unusual?”

“Well, not something unusual, but… there are not many kinds of women’s underwear in this country, right?”

“Rather than this country, women don’t wear basically underwear in all nearby countries. What about it?”

“I brought a new kind of underwear to address that.”

What I took out of my backpack was a bra and panties.
They were of a common design.
I feel like I’ve mentioned this before, but neither of these exists in this world.
The clothes the Goddess provided had them, but that’s it.
In fact, Alizée didn’t seem to know how to react when I took them out.

“Um, what is this?”

“This underwear shaped like the curves of the chest is a bra. As you can see, it’s not meant to squeeze the chest, but to support and wrap it. You’ll be liberated from the life of wrapping it tightly with cloth as you did before.”

“I see. But these…”

“These are called panties. As you can see, they are underwear worn around the waist, they are an alternative to bloomers.”

“Well, looking at the shape, I can somewhat understand their purpose. But, isn’t this… indecent?”

Yes, in this world, it is considered indecent for women to expose their bare legs.
So, even in the midst of summer, everyone wears long pants or ankle-length skirts.
I don’t mind, and I wear knee-length skirts with a garter belt and socks that go up to the knees instead of stockings!

“Alizée, just changing the clothes in the unseen places is not indecent. Besides, wearing bloomers in the summer is uncomfortable, right?”

“Well, that’s…”

“With panties, that issue will somehow improve, right? I’ll give you these as a trial sample, so please try using them. I’ll come back the day after tomorrow to hear the results.”

Saying that, I got up from my seat.
Now fall prey to the magic of bras and panties!


On the promised day, when I visited the Trade Guild, Alizée was waiting at the entrance.
I wondered what had happened.


After exchanging a few words of greeting, we immediately moved to a private room.
And, as expected, the topic that came up was about bras and panties.

“What’s up with those undergarments? Instead of flattening my chest, they lift it up, and it’s so comfortable. The panties were a bit intimidating to put on, but once I did, they felt so smooth, and the elastic doesn’t constrict at all. What kind of magic is woven into them?”

“It’s not exactly magic; I’ve enchanted them. The bra has ‘Increased Breathability’ and ‘Smooth Texture,’ while the panties have ‘Stain Prevention’ and ‘Odor Control.'”

“Stain prevention and odor control…”

“Nobody likes dirty or smelly underwear, right?”

“Yes, you’re absolutely right. By the way, the panties were hidden under my skirt, so no one noticed, but as soon as I wore the bra to work, my colleagues found out. It’s only natural since I’m not restraining my chest, and it’s quite visible.”

“That’s true. How many do you need?”

“You came here with the intention to sell from the start.”

“I’m a merchant; I don’t engage in unprofitable ventures. Well, I also do it on the side while practicing magic tailoring.”

“We need a lot of bras. Almost all the female staff in the Trade Guild want them.”

“Is that so? I have about 50 in stock, but… it’s not enough, is it?”

“Definitely not enough. There are many female staff members in the Trade Guild. And considering the need for spares, we’d like at least 5 per person.”

“Understood. After we finish here, I was thinking of pitching these to the Adventurers’ Guild, but I’ll wait until after I am done with the Trade Guild.”

“Thank you. Also, regarding the panties, it’s about 40% in favor and 60% against. Please sell them as they are for now. We’ll try to convince those opposing by letting them experience the convenience.”

Hmm, Alizée has become quite the panty enthusiast.
In the end, I was able to sell a large quantity of both bras and panties, resulting in good sales.
I’ve also registered the new designs for bras and panties, so people who want to make them can buy the schematics from the Trade Guild, and those who try to make imitations without purchasing might face legal consequences.
Well, I didn’t expect to use my knowledge cheat in this way, but it worked out.

By the way, a side note.

“Why do you keep prioritizing the Trade Guild and not sending anything to the Adventurers’ Guild!?”

Around the time when the Trade Guild’s order was nearly fulfilled, I received a complaint from my usual receptionist at the Adventurers’ Guild.
After promising to sell to the Adventurers’ Guild as well, things calmed down.
But, they haven’t forgotten that I’m a Copper-ranked merchant, have they?

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