Chapter 6

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At the Adventurers’ Guild.
The Adventurers’ Guild was a large three-story building located near the center of town. At this time of day, it seems to be crowded with adventurers who have completed their quests. There’s nothing we can do about that, so let’s give up.

“Miss Lily, this way.”

Mr. Mace was trying to guide me not to the front entrance, which was still crowded with people coming and going, but to the entrance at the back. Is this an employee passage or something?

“Huh? Can we enter from here?”

“Normally, no. But today is special. The dismantling site is right inside, and if you go straight ahead, you can use the guild’s employee passage. If a cute elven girl like you suddenly entered from the front, you would stand out.”

Hmm, I wonder if I will stand out even if I enter from the back. By the way, in this world, I am an Elf. However, instead of the typical blonde hair for elves, I have black hair and purple eyes. My eyes are like amethysts and I really like them. This is also a remnant of when I was “Lily.”

“Shall we go in then? … Naman, can I talk to you for a moment?”

“Hmm? Mace? What are you doing coming in from the back door… Who’s the girl? And isn’t that a Large Silk Spider you’re bringing with you?”

“Yes. She’s a new member of the Tamers’ Guild. Her name is Lily. The Large Silk Spider is her familiar. What I want to ask you is to dismantle the monster that the Large Silk Spider has brought as prey.”

“That’s my job then. But are you really asking me now? If she’s not affiliated with the Adventurers’ Guild, the dismantling fee is 30%. It’s only 10% if affiliated with the Adventurers’ Guild.”

“It’s a bit of a sneaky way, but I’ll have her join the Adventurers’ Guild later on. Can we make a deal on that?”

“If you says so, that’s fine too. So, are the monsters to be dismantled inside the cocoons?”

“Yes. Miss Lily, please release the monsters to be dismantled over there.”

I had Talat carry his cocoons to the place indicated by Mr. Mace and unravel it. The staff at the dismantling site all let out a murmur at once when they saw Talat’s prey coming out of it. It was quite a lot, and there was the Venom Lizard that was blocking the road, too.

“… That’s quite the haul. They are dead, but they don’t have a single scratch. Monsters with fur can fetch quite a high price.”

“What about the meat?”

“I don’t know… If it hasn’t deteriorated, we can wholesale it… But we can’t just release something that we don’t know how many days have passed into the market. We better dispose of it.”


“I see. What about magic stones?”

“Magic stones… We’ll take them all out, but are you going to sell them off or keep them for yourself, Missy?”

Magic stones are like a second heart for monsters. Apparently all monsters have them, big or small. Most of the income from monsters like goblins that aren’t processed for meat comes from magic stones, according to Goddess’s book. I don’t have any use for them myself, and it wouldn’t hurt to sell them off.

“Um, the magic stones are for sale…”

(I want to eat magic stones.)

“Eh, Talat, you eat magic stones?”

(Eating magic stones gives me strength. I can also produce various threads.)

Various threads… Maybe he can produce spider silk.

“I’ll keep the magic stones instead of selling them off. Is that okay?”

“Understood. Goblins and such will then only cost you dismantling fees, but by peeling off fur and skin and selling them off, you can offset those fees. The amount of money we can give will be less, but that’s okay, right?”

“Yes, that’s fine. Thank you very much.”

“Leave it to me. This is your dismantling number tag. It will take until noon tomorrow to dismantle because there are so many of them. If you show this number tag at the Adventurers’ Guild reception desk, they will tell you if dismantling is finished or not. At that time they will hand you the money after deducting magic stones and dismantling fees.”

“I understand. Thank you very much.”

“Yep. Well then, Gramps Mace, you can leave things here to me.”

“Alright. Let us go register at Tamers’ and Adventurers’ Guilds, then.”

Finally, I’m going to become an adventurer…
What kind of job is an adventurer in this world, I wonder?

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