Chapter 7

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Tamer and Adventurer registration.
“Well, Miss Lily, come this way.”

We left the dismantling site and went through the passage further inside. From beyond the door, I could hear the voices of many people.
Mr. Mace opened the door and there was a sight that I imagined Adventurers’ Guild would be like. There were many people lined up at the reception desk, and there were also many people carrying weapons and armor around.
The guild seemed to have a bar or a restaurant attached to it, and cheers could be heard from there.

“Is this your first time in a place like this, Miss Lily?”

“Yes. I’ve heard rumors, but this is my first time.”

“I see. Well, you’ll get used to it soon enough. Let’s get the registration for the Tamers’ Guild done first.”

Mr. Mace went to a counter that was separate from the one where the adventurers were crowded. He gestured for me to come along, so I followed after him. But no one came to this window. Rather, most of the people looked at me and Talat with curiosity as we headed to the Tamers’ Guild.
Are there perhaps not many tamers in this town?

“I’m glad you came. This is the reception desk for the Tamers’ Guild… But then again, there are hardly any members here, so it’s pretty quiet.”


“Well, never mind that. Let’s get on with the registration. I need your identification.”

I handed Mr. Mace my identification card as he told me. Then, he ran my card through a magic tool he had on hand and returned it to me. On the ID card that came back to me, it said “Affiliation: Tamers’ Guild.”
… The registration was surprisingly smooth.

“Well, the registration is complete. Take this bracelet with you.”


“What is this?”

“This is a Tamer’s bracelet, it comes with a matching certificate the familiars wear. This guarantees your status as a tamer. You can think of it as something that proves you’re a tamer in an easy-to-understand way.”

“I see.”

I put on the Tamer’s bracelet. Then, the color of the gem on the bracelet changed and became white, like Talat’s. This is apparently because familiars and tamers have the same color, which is normal.

I asked about the activities of the Tamers’ Guild, but it ended with a simple explanation.
First of all, there is no rank in the Tamers’ Guild.
This is because different monsters have different strengths and weaknesses depending on what their specializations are, so ranking them doesn’t make sense.
It doesn’t make sense to compare monsters that specialize in fighting with monsters that are used as means of transportation.
Next, there are also requests exclusive to the Tamers’ Guild, but these are basically designated requests.
This is also because the requests for tamers require them having expertise in that certain field, and requests that anyone can take on are basically passed on to the Adventurers’ Guild.
As for other rules, you must always report when the number of your familiars increase or decrease. Even if all your familiars are gone, your affiliation with the Tamers’ Guild will not disappear, so no need to worry about that.

“The Adventurers’ Guild counters are also less crowded now, so you should go and register as an adventurer.”

“Yes, thank you very much.”

“Mhm. If you have any questions, come and ask me again. Oh, and there are only a few inns where you can stay with a familiar. In this town, I recommend a place called ‘The Great Eagle’s Nest’.”

“Understood. I’ll go check it out.”

“Yeah, take care.”

The registration for the Tamers’ Guild was over. Next was the registration for the Adventurers’ Guild.
This was crowded with new adventurers registering in the morning, so I didn’t have to wait long to finish it.
The Adventurer’s Guild has detailed rules and regulations, and there were a lot of things to explain. But it was already evening, so they said they would explain everything in detail tomorrow when I come to pick up my dismantling request items.
Well then let’s go find an inn.

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