Chapter 8

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“The Great Eagle’s Nest” inn.
I headed to the inn that Mr. Mace recommended, “The Great Eagle’s Nest”. I had asked him where it was beforehand, so I didn’t get lost.
The inn I arrived at was a three-story building like the Adventurers’ Guild, and it looked like an old inn. However, the entrance and other places were well cleaned, so I had high hopes.
There was no point in staring at the entrance for too long, so I entered the inn.

“Welcome, welcome to The Great Eagle’s Nest!”

A girl who looked a little younger than me greeted me as I entered the inn. She must be a staff member here.

“Nice to meet you. I want to stay here, do you have any rooms available? Oh, I want to stay with my familiar too.”

“Familiar… It’s been a while since a tamer came here. Of course, we have rooms available. The rooms for tamers are more expensive because they are bigger, is that okay?”

“Yes, that’s fine. How much is it per night?”

“It’s 800 rubies per night with dinner and breakfast included. It’s 750 rubies without meals. There is an extra charge for your familiar’s meal, what do you want to do?”

What does Talat eat? He was hunting monsters, so I think he can eat meat.

“Hey, Talat. What do you eat?”

(I can eat anything, but I mainly eat meat. But I like magic stones the most.)

Magic stones, huh. I doubt they sell them at the inn, so I’ll have to make him settle for meat today.

“Talat seems to like eating meat, so I’d like you to prepare some meat for him. How much will that cost?”

“Well, it depends on the amount and type of meat. It also depends on whether you want it cooked or raw…”


Oh, that makes sense. But I don’t know how much Talat eats…
When I asked him, he said he was fine without eating today. But I would feel bad eating alone, so I decided to have them prepare a normal-sized piece of meat for him.
The extra charge was 30 rubies.

“Then, I’ll take two nights for now.”

“Okay. It’s a prepayment, is that okay?”

“Yeah, that’s fine. Here you go.”

“Yes, thank you very much. You can eat dinner now if you want. You can also eat in your room, but there is an additional charge of 10 rubies for that.”

“I’ll eat in the dining hall. Is it okay to bring Talat with me?”

“This inn is designed for guests with familiars, so unless they are very large familiars, you can bring them with you. Your room is at the end of the third floor. And this is your meal ticket for today and tomorrow morning. Be careful not to lose it, or you won’t be able to eat.”

“Thank you. Then I’ll go to the dining hall.”

“Okay. Please enjoy your stay.”

I was seen off by the girl and headed to the dining hall at the back of the inn.
There were already some guests sitting in their seats and eating their meals.
When I entered the dining hall with Talat, I attracted attention, but soon their eyes scattered. It’s most likely because this inn tamer-friendly.

I sat down at an empty seat, handed over my meal ticket and waited for my food to be brought over.
Today’s dinner was a combination of steak from some kind of meat, soup, salad and bread. The steak was fairly thick and large, but what kind of meat was it?
Maybe it was a monster?
It tasted good, though, so I didn’t care that much.
Talat also got the same steak and ate it happily.
His meat seemed to be seasoned too, but he said he was fine with it.

After finishing my meal, I went to my assigned room and took off my backpack and travel gear.
According to the Goddess’s book, some cheap inns don’t have locks on the inside, but this inn had, so I felt safe.
Also, there was a shower and toilet attached to the room.
Hot water showers and flush toilets are normal in this world.
The sewer system seems to be developed too, but I don’t understand the overall level of civilization very well.
Bathtubs are only in luxury inns, so I’ll have to make do.

I took a shower and felt refreshed, then changed into my pajamas and went to bed.
The bed was harder than the one in the cabin but still soft enough.
I think I can sleep well tonight.
Talat seemed to have already fallen asleep, so I should go to sleep too.
I walked all day today after all.
Well then, good night.

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