Chapter 5

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Neist Town
I arrived in the town called Neist, but I had to wait a bit before entering.
Apparently, this side of the main road was temporarily blocked by the Venom Lizard that Talat had defeated, so entry was prohibited.
And since I came with Talat, who was a tamed monster, I couldn’t enter the town right away either. The guard said they would send someone from a place called the Tamers’ Guild to check if Talat was really tamed and harmless.
Well, I guess it’s suspicious if someone like me shows up out of nowhere.

After waiting for a while, it seemed like they were ready and the drawbridge was lowered, and several soldiers and an old man escorted by them came.
Is this old man from the Tamers’ Guild?

“Sorry to keep you waiting, miss. I’m Mace, a staff member and Guild Master of the Tamers’ Guild. Pleased to meet you.”

Guild master!?
Is it okay for such an important person to come out?

“Ah, don’t worry, I’m the only staff member of the Tamers’ Guild in this town. And that’s the tamed Large Silk Spider, huh…”

“Ah, yes. This is Talat, a Large Silk Spider. I’m…”

Oh, I didn’t think of a name for myself in this world.
Yuri might be weird, so let’s go with “Lily”, which I used in “Mizgard Life”.

“I’m Lily.”

“Miss Lily, huh… Hmm, there’s a contract mark on its forehead, and it doesn’t seem to be violent even though there are people around. I think it’s safe to assume that the taming contract is valid.”


“Then you believe me?”

“Yes. I’ll register you as a member of the Tamers’ Guild. You’ll need to use a magic tool at the branch office in this town to register, but do you know how to show your identification card?”

“Yes, I learned that from my Master.”

The identification in this world is a strange thing that exists in one’s soul.
So if you want to show it, it comes out, and if you want to hide it, it disappears.
Also, if you get too far away from it, it disappears automatically, so you don’t have to worry about it being stolen.
But it also automatically records your rewards and punishments, so you can’t do anything bad.

“Then let me give you a taming certificate that shows that you are a monster tamer of the Tamers’ Guild. Which one would you prefer for this child… a bracelet or a collar?”

A bracelet or a collar.
When I asked Talat, he said he preferred a bracelet.
He said that a collar would make his head hard to move and rub against the ground because his neck was close to the ground.
When I told Mr. Mace that, he took out a bracelet and put it on Talat’s right front leg.
The gem on the bracelet turned into a bright white color.
This means that the taming registration was complete.

“Well then, Miss. Shall we go to the Adventurers’ Guild, where the Tamers’ Guild is located?”

Adventurers’ Guild!
That’s a staple of isekai stories!
I used to read novels about reincarnation and transmigration to other worlds when I was bored in my hospital room.
So maybe I had a little bit of longing for it.

I said goodbye to the soldiers here.
Mr. Mace recognized Talat as an official tamed monster, so they decided that there was no danger for now.
By the way, Talat was dragging along the monsters he had brought with him in cocoons again.
Mr. Mace said that they would also dissect them at the Adventurers’ Guild.
There’s a fee for it, but you can make money by selling the materials.
I have some money from the Goddess, but it’s better to have some extra money.
Well then, I wonder what kind of place is the Adventurers’ Guild?

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