Chapter 4

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Talat is apparently extremely strong.
As I was about to set off for the town with Talat, my new companion, Talat pulled on my sleeve.
He was pointing towards the depths of the forest with his butt, so maybe he had something he wanted to bring with him.
In that case, I had no choice but to take a detour.

“Wow… a huge cocoon ball…”

Talat led me to his home.
In other words, a spiderweb.
There were various sizes of cocoon balls attached to it.
Talat began to lower them one by one to the ground and also erased the nest.
Then, when he wrapped the cocoon balls again with the thread that came out of his butt and dragged them along, it seemed like he was ready to leave.

Talat started walking ahead, so I followed him.
When we returned to the road we had been on before, Talat turned his feet in the opposite direction from where I had come.
This child might be quite intelligent after all.
He can communicate with me telepathically and might be able to do other things as well.

But I haven’t encountered any monsters at all.
I can’t even feel the presence of monsters.
I could feel Talat looking at me, but there were no other presences.
What’s going on?
Talat was walking at a pretty fast pace.

We finally reached the main road and successfully left the forest.
When I arrived at the main road and looked back, the road was gone.
I can’t go back to that cabin anymore.
Maybe I had grown attached to it because it had taken care of me for three weeks.

As if to comfort my feelings, Talat patted my head.
I’m not that young anymore, though.

Anyway, we made it to the main road, and if we head east from here, we should reach the town.
I took out some portable food from my backpack and ate it while following Talat towards the town.
But why didn’t I meet anyone else on the main road?
It’s a pretty big road, so it wouldn’t be strange if I met someone else.
Even if they hide when they see Talat’s figure, it’s a flat road, so I should be able to see them before they hide.
Did something happen?

In the end, I didn’t meet anyone else until I saw the wall.
That was “Neist”, the town I was heading for.
The wall had a splendid gate and seemed capable of withstanding some attacks from monsters.
But the drawbridge-style gate was now closed.
What happened?

“Stop there, girl!”

When I got close to the gate, a sharp voice was thrown at me from above.
Is it from a soldier guarding the gate?

“Where did you come from?”

“Umm, from beyond this main road. My Master and I were living in the forest together, but my Master passed away, so I came down, seeking civilization.”

“Master? Isn’t that monster you’re bringing with you a Large Silk Spider?”


Ah, this child is a “Large Silk Spider” species.
And in this world they do call them “monsters,” after all.
I’ll remember that.

“Errr, this child is a monster that I tamed on my way here. It’s harmless.”

“… It does seem to be behaving itself. So what are those cocoons behind you?”

“I don’t really know either. This child brought them out of his nest before we left…”

“Brought them out of his nest? Such large cocoons?”

“Yes. I haven’t checked what’s inside, either.”

“… I see. Can you order it to release its contents?”

“Yes. Talat, release the contents of the cocoons.”


Talat released the contents of the cocoons he had been dragging along until now.
It seemed like there were a lot of monsters packed inside them.
The green humanoid ones were probably goblins?
There were also rabbits and wolves with horns.
The largest cocoon contained a lizard covered in poisonous-looking purple scales.
I felt gross just looking at it…

“Wha-!? A Venom Lizard!?”

“The Venom Lizard was defeated by a Large Silk Spider!?”

“No wonder we couldn’t find it anywhere.”

This lizard was called a Venom Lizard.
But more importantly, they were looking for it. What happened?

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