Chapter 3

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Hello, new partner.
I left the hut where I had stayed for three weeks and walked along the only visible path that went deeper into the forest.
The other paths were completely blocked by the trees, so I couldn’t pass through them.
This one was like an animal trail, with the plants parted, so it was easier to walk on.
But it was still in the forest, so I had to be careful.

I walked for about an hour, but there was no end to the forest.
According to the map given by the Goddess, it would take about four hours to reach the main road, so I hadn’t even reached half way yet.
Oh, by the way, among the convenient items that the Goddess gave me, there also was a compass.
This world also sells compasses normally, so I got a very accurate compass as a bonus.
I couldn’t use my knowledge cheat…

This world seems to be a typical sword and magic world, but there are some modern parts as well.
For example, steam locomotives are being used, and there are cars as well.
Both of them seem to be vehicles that run by magic tools, so they don’t seem to work by burning fossil fuels like on Earth.
But these means of transportation make it easier for rich people and cross-country travel.
But for short-distance travel, carriages are still alive and well.
The horses of the carriages range from normal horses to magic beasts controlled by tamers.
I kind of want to meet them.

By the way, can I tame?
I can make clothes with magic weaving and magic sewing, but I don’t know if I have taming ability.
Personally, I want to continue as a tamer, but would it be difficult?
If I die in this world, that’s it, so I should avoid dangerous places, right?

Well, while thinking about such things, I walked for three hours.
I should be joining the main road soon… I think.
I’m not sure if it’s supposed to take three hours on my feet or by someone faster than me, so I’m not confident.
It would be convenient if there was something like a local map that showed how far I’ve moved.
And a minimap that showed hostile and friendly entities.
That is also a staple in games, a very convenient one.

“… Hmm?”

As I walked, I felt a gaze from somewhere deep in the forest on my left-hand side.
It wasn’t a bad feeling gaze, but more like someone was interested in me or wanted me to notice them.
What is it, in this forest?

“… Is anyone there?”

I held my shield and spear and called out in a battle-ready stance.
It’s unlikely that I’ll run into a normal person in a place like this.

There was a brief pause, and then a giant spider came out of the forest.
It was big enough for me to ride on and had a bit of presence.
But it didn’t seem to be hostile to me, so I felt relieved.
I kept my guard up, though.

“Are you the one who was looking at me?”


I didn’t understand what it said, but it seemed to be the case.
But why did it wait for me?

“Um, do you have something to do with me?”


As I said that, the giant spider came up to me and bowed its head.
This is what monsters do when they show their submission when they are tamed.
Does this child want to be tamed by me?

“Um, do you want me to tame you?”


“Okay, then I’ll tame you. ‘Please come with me.’”

The words of taming can be anything.
Just throw out some words that imply that you want to act together with the other party.

The moment I put my hand on top of the giant spider’s head and declared my taming, my hand and its head were wrapped in light.
It settled down in a few seconds, and a lily-shaped design was attached to its head.
Good, the taming was a success.
But why is it a “lily”‘s emblem?

(Master, name me!)

“Ah, right.”

Taming is completed when you name the monster.
What should I name it?
Let’s use the same name as before.
It looks exactly like it.

“Your name is ‘Talat’, how about that?”

(My name is ‘Talat’! Thank you, Master.)

“You’re welcome.”

“Talat” joined me as my travel companion.
I don’t know what its species name is in this world, but I think we can get along well.
Nice to meet you, Talat.

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