Chapter 2

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Beginning of a new journey.
I spent the first three weeks after waking up acquiring the knowledge and power to live in this world.
I say three weeks, but that’s three weeks by this world’s standards, so 18 days.
In this world, a week is six days long, and each day is called “Fire,” “Water,” “Wind,” “Earth,” “Light,” and “Darkness.”
The general day off is Darkness day.
The Goddess gave me a pocket watch, which is a great tool for telling what month, day, and day of the week it is by looking at it.
But how is it powered?

As for the knowledge of this world, I learned that the currency of this country is called “Rubis.”
Other countries seem to use different currencies.
Also, there is a component called mana that exists everywhere in this world, and it is used to activate magic and the like.
Hmm, a staple of fantasy.
There are also skills, but there are no appraisal skills that can investigate anything, item box storage skills, levels, or status.
However, there seems to be an “appraisal loupe” for sale that can examine the enchantments on tools.
The reason for having skills is that there are things called “skill crystals,” which allow you to acquire skills corresponding to the skill crystals when used.
However, they are one-time use only and very expensive.
Even major skill crystals are rarely available to the general public because they are bought up by nobles’ children for their own use.

But the Goddess had prepared several skill crystals for me.
Elemental magic, livelihood magic, life magic, enchantment magic, magic weaving and magic sewing.
Life magic is a general term for healing magic.
Magic weaving and magic sewing are techniques for making thread, cloth, and clothing using magic.
It seems that she had prepared these especially for me because she thought I might want to do it in this world as well, since I had been living as a fashion designer in “Mizgard Life.”


Other things in the cabin included a large backpack with my change of clothes and various types of equipment, various household goods, about a month’s worth of food, and a bookshelf with books on knowledge of this world and other things.
All the weapons I could think of were there.
From major ones like swords and spears to questionable ones like whips that make you really wonder if they can be used at all.
I tried them all out and ended up choosing a spear that could be used with one hand as my main weapon, with a shield in my left hand and a dagger and whip as my sub-weapons.
The main weapon and dagger were chosen seriously, but the whip was mostly for fun.
I used them in “Mizgard Life,” so I’m somewhat proficient with them, so I decided to take these with me.
I also fought against monsters using these weapons and magic.
I tried dismantling their corpses too, but it didn’t go very well.

As I mentioned earlier, I spent three weeks in this cabin.
I’m thinking of heading out to town soon.
There was more to the Goddess’s letter; she wrote that once I left the cabin, I wouldn’t be able to return to it again, so I should choose carefully what to take with me.
So I’m going to choose carefully what to take… but I can take quite a bit besides my equipment.
The means of carrying it will naturally be the backpack given to me by the Goddess; it’s structured like a large mountaineering backpack with a lot of capacity.
Furthermore, this backpack seems to hold more than its appearance suggests.
I tried stuffing all the books on the bookshelf into it as an experiment, and they all fit.
Even though there were thin books as well as dictionary-thick books.
It all fit.
Even when I added dishes on top of that, everything fit.
I put water bottles in the side pockets, but everything else was inside the bag.
By the way, there was already a full set of travel gear inside, including a tent.
I haven’t seen it in person, but it was one-touch easy setup tent like on Earth.
Yeah, I think the Goddess really splurged on me.
There wasn’t enough space to put all the weapons in, so I just put in a wand that amplifies the power of magic and took it with me.

Thus, I packed almost everything except perishable food and weapons into my backpack and set out on my journey.
My destination is Neist, the nearest town.
There, I will research knowledge that I couldn’t obtain from books.
I don’t know what lies ahead in my life, but I’ll do my best so that I have no regrets.

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