Chapter 1

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Good morning, new me.
“Thank you very much!”

“Oh, thank you for everything, Lily-chan!”

“Take care, Anken-san!”

… Anken-san, one of my customers who had been a regular customer of mine, also came to see me off.
It’s about time to close the store.

“Thank you, Lily.”


I awakened from the VR space to the real world.
Today is the last day of service for the VRMMORPG “Mizgard Life.”
There are still about two hours left until the service ends, but I’ve finished saying goodbye to my regular customers and logged out, ending my game.
It’s time to say goodbye to my avatar “Lily,” which I’ve been using for many years.

I was hospitalized due to a disease that was discovered when I was 10 years old.
I was able to take online classes for my studies, but I couldn’t go to school.
Of course, I had very few friends.
That’s when my parents gave me “Mizgard Life” as a gift.

This game was a typical VRMMORPG, but it eliminated PvP elements and had a fair monetization, with only fashionable items available for purchase with real money.
I created an avatar called “Lily” and traveled around the world.
I’m pretty sure I’ve been to almost all of the tourist attractions, except for dungeons that can only be reached at high levels.

Such sightseeing tours ended in about three years, and after that, I did what is called “craftsman play.”
I had chosen “Tamer” as my main profession, and within that profession, spider-type monsters could produce silk thread as a raw material.
To take advantage of this, I trained my sewing skills and spent the rest of my time as a first-class fashion designer.
I’m proud to say that I was a decent player with many loyal customers, starting with Anken-san from earlier.
I couldn’t make top-notch defensive equipment for top players to wear, but I did have a full set of stylish equipment that looked nice and was convenient for other craftsmen to use as a weapon.
Sales were… well, decent, but I was satisfied with them in my own way.

Oh, and I also won several awards in the original design clothing contest sponsored by the publisher.
Trophies from those contests were also on display in my shop.
That’s something I’m a little proud of.

Anyway, that’s how my “Mizgard Life” came to an end.
And my remaining life is also short.
I’m sorry to die before my father and mother, but the progression of my illness was incredibly fast.
Being young isn’t always a good thing.

About a year after “Mizgard Life” ended, my life also came to an end.
I’m glad I didn’t suffer too much… I think?



“… Huh?”

I woke up on an unfamiliar bed.
The ceiling was not the inorganic ceiling of a hospital, but a wooden ceiling like that of a log cabin.
And there was no shortness of breath at all.
Even though it was so hard to breathe just now.

There’s no point in lying down, so I tried to sit up and find that my body was indeed strong enough to sit up easily.
When I got out of the thin futon, I was completely naked.
I could imagine it from the sensation of rubbing against the fabric on my skin, but it was embarrassing to actually see it.
There was nothing else to do but wrap myself in the futon and look around the room. There was a letter and a backpack on the table in the room outside the bedroom.
I decided to check the contents of the letter first.
The contents were as follows:

“Dear Ms. Yuri Sasaki,

I am Yggdraya, the Goddess of Life in this world.
You have died on Earth.
However, your illness was not supposed to happen naturally; it was caused by power leaking from my world.
If possible, I would have liked to revive you on Earth, but because our worlds are different, that could not be done either; nor could Earth’s Gods cure your illness caused by another world’s logic.

Therefore, I have prepared a new vessel for you so that you can live in my world.
It is what you call a reincarnation in another world.
Since I reincarnated you without your permission, I can also return you to the cycle of reincarnation if you disagree with my arrangements.
If you wish to return to the cycle of reincarnation, please sleep in the bedroom with the black door.
If you wish to live in this world, please use the bedroom you just came out of.

This world is what you would call a world of swords and magic.
There are creatures called monsters, but there is no Demon King.
If you wish to live in this world, please refer to the books on the bookshelf in this room.
They contain information on how to handle common weapons, a guide to medicinal herbs, and how to acquire magic.

Also, there is about a month’s worth of food in this cabin.
Clothes and money for the time being are in the backpack on the side, so please feel free to use them.

Wishing you a good life,
Goddess Yggdraya.”

Hmm, reincarnation, and into another world at that…
Looking around the cabin, there was indeed a black door, so if I sleep there, I can undergo something like euthanasia.
But since I’ve been given the chance to live a new life, I have to enjoy it.

Dad, Mom, I’m going to live in this world.
So don’t worry about me anymore.

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