Chapter 40

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Means of Transportation
The week leading up to the start of our material procurement journey was spent dealing with Ogre extermination in a regular manner.
When we had Talat try it out, we found that up to three people could cross the valley simultaneously.
So, we sent Wildcat Claws ahead in pairs, and the rest of us followed, allowing us to continue our Ogre extermination.

The efficiency of the Ogre extermination improved significantly this way.
When it was just me and Talat, we could only take down one Ogre at a time.
However, with everyone from the Wildcat Claws joining in, we could now engage a group of them together.
Each member could take down one or more Ogres individually, and our movements were faster.
We were able to easily defeat over 50 Ogres a day.

I had considered challenging higher-level monsters, but the members of Wildcat Claws requested that we refrain from targeting anything more powerful.
While we could handle a group of Ogres, it seemed that anything beyond that would be challenging given their current equipment.
Additionally, there were no monsters of appropriate size within a day’s journey.
So, we decided to focus on Ogre extermination.
The deliveries of Spider Silk and Mana Spider Silk were going well, and I was quite satisfied.

A week later, we received a message that the transportation was ready.
We went to the Trade Guild, and after visiting the reception, we were told that Alizée was waiting in the back.
We headed to the back area with her guidance, where we found a gigantic truck.

“Welcome, everyone.”

“Alizée, what’s this?”


“This is the transportation prepared for your material procurement journey, the material transport vehicle ‘Daigo Seventeen’.”

This “Daigo Seventeen” material transport vehicle is a state-of-the-art model for transporting materials and raw meat separately in separate compartments.
Its track system utilizes all-wheel crawlers for movement, and it boasts excellent off-road capabilities.
The reason we were able to borrow the “Daigo Seventeen” this time is because it’s specifically targeting large monsters such as Wonder Deers, Assassin Mantises, and Gaya Tortoises.
Even the Trade Guild is eager to obtain these materials, to the point where they practically can’t wait.
As a result, we were explained that in exchange for lending us this vehicle, they would like us to bring back as many materials as possible.
Of course, the materials we want to secure will be transported separately.
This vehicle seems to be intended primarily for storing the materials we obtain beyond what we actually need.

“Or should I say, all these monsters are full-body materials, and they’re so massive that even you won’t be able to carry them, Lady Lily.”

Wonder Deers are 4 meters in length with antlers spanning 5 meters from side to side, resembling large deer.
Assassin Mantises are enormous mantises with a height of 4 meters.
Gaya Tortoises, too, are giant tortoises with a height of 4 meters.
If we were targeting only one type of material, a smaller transport vehicle might suffice.
However, aiming for all of these creatures makes it questionable whether this transport vehicle is enough.
How many of these do we have to take down?

In any case, we’ve settled on using the “Daigo Seventeen” for our mode of transportation, with Alizée serving as the driver.
The number of monsters we take down will depend on how many we encounter when we actually visit their habitats.
Apparently, they’re aiming for 5 Wonder Deers, 3 Assassin Mantises, and 5 Gaya Tortoises.
In addition, we need to secure our share of materials, so this journey might be quite challenging.
Our targets are all monsters of the Red Rank, and it won’t be straightforward, so let’s be cautious.

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