Chapter 140

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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No Fabric
A week has passed since the Lumite Grand Wing was delivered, and the town has been quite peaceful.
The only issue is that we still can’t head towards the Royal Capital, and this has been going on for about a month now.
Frankly, it has become a part of daily life.
With that, the available and purchasable items have also changed, and my shop has started running out of fabric.

“Hmm, it’s still difficult to get fabric.”

“I’m sorry. Even you plead with us, new fabric won’t come in until the trade with the Royal Capital area resumes.”

I consulted with Alizée at the Trade Guild, but it seems the continued closure of the road to the Royal Capital is the cause.
The occurrence of Dribs Golems seems to have stopped, but the damaged road needs repairs for carriages and magic vehicles to pass safely, and the monsters along the road have been neglected for a long time, requiring investigation and thinning.
In the end, it’s expected to take another month for the road to be usable.

My shop has plenty of stock, so it’s not a problem for me, but regular clothing stores seem to be suffering quite a bit.
While my clothes are new, they are produced in large quantities with magic tailoring, making them more affordable.
To compete with that, the clothing stores in Vardmoi started making clothes completely tailored to the customer’s measurements.
However, with that format, they can’t have ready-made items.
Since they source fabric for the exact number of orders, their inventory was not substantial.
With this turmoil, they started competing fiercely to buy up fabric.
As a result, it led to a shortage of fabric in the market and a rise in prices.

Hmm, in that case, I might focus on running the shop for a while and stop making clothes.
Melanie was helping me find good prey with the information about the increased hunting grounds due to the Lumite Grand Wing, but she hasn’t found any yet.
I also need to leave some Spider Silk and Mana Spider Silk in stock, and I can’t practice magic tailoring either.
In that case, I might have to let the Lumite Grand Wing sit idle for a while.
Is there a good solution?

“Lady Lily, if you have time, how about visiting another town?”


“Another town? Why?”

“According to the Trade Guild’s trading records, it seems you haven’t ventured far from Vardmoi since coming here. Occasionally visiting another town and gathering information about that area can be useful for a merchant.”

I see.
I was okay as long as I was selling clothes, but normal merchants gather various information and adapt to it.
Even clothing stores change the clothes they sell according to the season.
It wouldn’t hurt to do some scouting or something like that.
But where should I go?

“If you’re having trouble deciding where to go, how about visiting the port town of Catastie?”


“It’s the town where we source seaweed used in the Spiderling’s Nest. They are involved in both fisheries and trade across the sea, so you might find interesting items over there. Of course, it depends on the season.”

A port town… sounds intriguing!
In that case, I think we should go to the port town next.

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