Chapter 139

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Completion of Driver’s License Training
It took three weeks, but I managed to clear the practical training.
According to the instructors, I seem to be one of the better ones.
They say if you can’t do it, even after two months, then you probably won’t be able to.

By the way, everyone from the Wildcat Claws, including Tanya and Jenna, finished a long time ago.
They say they can’t be slower than the master.
Tanya and Jenna had definitely less time at the driving school than me, so I wonder how they managed to finish.

There are still various puzzling points, but I had my driver’s license qualification filled in on my ID, and now I’m officially a person with a driver’s license.
The license is valid for three years.
Apparently, I’ll have to take the training again in three years in winter.
In the previous world, I heard it was around one month before or after your birthday, but in this world, everyone ages one year together at the beginning of the year.
In that case, it’s impossible to have it around one month before your birthday.
… Still, it’s a mystery that in a world with technology like ID cards from the gods, they can’t accurately track birthdays.
Actually, the real birthday is written on the ID, but there were inconvenient times to age using that information.
Maybe I’m reading too much into it.

Anyway, with me getting a driver’s license, everyone in our household now has a license for special large vehicles.
Now, we can drive around in the Lumite Grand Wing.
Although, just because we can drive, it doesn’t mean we’ve decided where to go.
Anyway, I need to go pick up the Lumite Grand Wing from that vehicle shop first.

“Oh my, Lady Lily. How can I help you today?”

When I went to the vehicle shop and called out to the staff, Mr. Nasareno came over.
His face showed a truly surprised expression, as if he couldn’t believe it.

“Um, I was able to get my driver’s license, so I’d like to pick up the Lumite Grand Wing.”

“Huh? What did you say?”

“Yes, I got my driver’s license. Can I get the Lumite Grand Wing?”

“You got it already? Even though you’re so young, that’s quite fast.”


“The driving school praised me for being fast. I struggled at the beginning, but once I got used to it, it was relatively easy.”

“It’s enviable that you can say that. When you get old, even renewing a driver’s license becomes uncertain.”

Upon hearing more details, it seems Mr. Nasareno’s hobby is driving magic vehicles and going for drives.
However, even he, is finding it difficult to drive himself lately.
In this world, the qualifications for driving magic vehicles are strict.
Well, it’s unavoidable.

“So, you’re here to pick up the Lumite Grand Wing. The emblem painting is also finished, please have a look.”

“Yes. Can I take it with me today?”

“Of course. Then, please come this way.”

Following Mr. Nasareno’s guidance, we headed to the garage at the back of the store.
Inside the garage, there were many cars lined up, and among them was the Lumite Grand Wing.
The color scheme was still predominantly green, but there were prominent emblems on it.
The emblem of the Marquis’ household on the second trailer and the emblem representing my shop on the third trailer.
When I asked if it’s okay to use the Marquis’s emblem so prominently, I was told that the Marquis himself instructed to make a bold use of it.

“It seems Lady Lily is quite careless in many ways… Being able to drive a magic vehicle with the large emblem of the Marquis’s household means you are either a very trusted merchant or closely related to the Marquis. There won’t be any foolish pranks from those people.”


It seems I’m still a person to be worried about in the Marquis’s eyes.
I appreciate the kindness, but it has become quite a flashy car.
It feels like a waste to just use it for material gathering.
Maybe I should visit another town with it?

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