Chapter 41

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Wonder Deer (1)
Departing from Vardmoi in the morning, we quickly left the main road and raced across the plains.
Yep, this “Daigo Seventeen” is definitely much faster than ordinary carriages or buses.
It’s roughly four times faster than the bus I took to Vardmoi.
That means our daily travel distance is significantly increased as well.
Moreover, since long-distance buses typically followed routes that included overnight stays at way stations, there were times when we’d arrive at a way station during daylight hours and stay overnight.
The point I’m trying to make is that this material procurement journey was so long that it took us halfway around the country.
In addition, since food and the processed magic stone that powers “Daigo Seventeen” were already on board from the start, there was no need to visit towns.
So began the month-long forced march.

Now, one week has passed since we set out, and tomorrow we’ll arrive at the habitat of the Wonder Deers.
The plan for the first day is to spend time confirming the Wonder Deers’ presence, so I’ll be staying back.

The main attacks of the Wonder Deers are charging with their horns and various magic attacks.
Their horns are as hard as steel and easily pierce through armor, so adventurers who can’t dodge are unable to even fight back.
Their magic attacks are quite potent and have a long range, making it challenging to get close.
The basic strategy is to dodge the magic attacks and bait them into charging, then counterattack.
The Wonder Deers’ fur also possesses magic resistance, making magic attacks less effective.
Truly a Red-ranked monster.

“I did not see any Wonder Deers herd when I was out~ Luckily, we were able to come hunting before autumn~”

Reported Akumi, who was out scouting. According to her report, while the Wonder Deers are numerous, they don’t actually gather in herds.
If we’re cautious, we should be able to take them down one by one.
It seems that Wonder Deers don’t have a strong inclination to form herds, and they’re known to do so only around the beginning of autumn.
However, like other monsters, Wonder Deers don’t engage in reproductive activities.
The reason why they gather in herds only during autumn remains unknown.
Anyway, it appears that it’s currently a prime-time hunting season.

“Starting tomorrow, we’ll all go to fight the Wonder Deers. Lady Lily, please refrain from taking the front lines.”

“Understood. But if things get dangerous, I’ll step in to help.”
My tone has become quite friendly when talking to the members of the Wildcat Claws. This was at the request of the members themselves.

“To be honest, even we will be in danger against the Wonder Deers. Please don’t venture too far forward.”

“Most magic doesn’t work well against Wonder Deers. They move in straight lines, but they’re incredibly swift.”

“It would be much easier if we could hit their eyes with arrows, but that’s largely a matter of luck.”

“And I’m not very useful against Wonder Deers myself. Since they are quite resistant to magic, making them a nightmare for spellcasters.”

Hm, so should I quietly stay protected at the back?
I shouldn’t get in the way of everyone, so I’ll try to keep calm.

The next morning, the five of us plus Talat headed out to hunt the Wonder Deers. Alizée stayed back.
Although she can handle basic self-defense, and with the defense functions of “Daigo Seventeen,” it seems she can take down even Red-ranked monsters as long as she doesn’t mind sacrificing the materials.

After about an hour of walking through the forest, Akumi, who was leading the way, signaled us to stop.
It seems that a Wonder Deer was ahead.
Talat, Tomoa, and stayed while the remaining three advanced deeper into the forest.
At a certain distance, Akumi shot an arrow into the depths of the forest, signaling the start of the battle.
I couldn’t tell from here if the arrow hit, but counterattack magic was coming our way.
There were two types of magic attacks: ice and lightning.
Rather than precisely aiming, it felt like the attacks were scattered in the surroundings.

“Tomoa, do Wonder Deers not aim their spells?”

“It’s believed that Wonder Deers are incapable of precision shooting. Of course, we should still consider the possibility of straight-line attacks, but it’s advised to minimize evasive actions rather than moving around too much.”

Hmm, I see.
The individual shots do seem to have significant power, but perhaps their aim isn’t so accurate.
The three of them were moving minimally, Keuko and Uhina were waiting for their opponent to charge, and Akumi was shooting arrows deep into the forest when she saw an opening.

This battle looks like it’s going to be a drawn-out one.

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