Chapter 42

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Wonder Deer (2)
Amidst the rain of magic unleashed by the Wonder Deer, Akumi continued to shoot arrows, weaving through the downpour.
However, after a while, she paused and concealed herself behind a large tree in the forest.
A few seconds later, a loud crash echoed as a massive deer collided with the tree.
This must be the Wonder Deer.
It was even larger than I had heard.
Shortly after, Akumi shielded herself behind the tree, which began to snap under the pressure of the assault.
The charging attack had incredible force.

Both Akumi and the Wonder Deer retreated from the area.
Keuko and Uhina lunged at the Wonder Deer.
They attacked its front right leg and managed to land blows.


The Wonder Deer let out a high-pitched cry and directed magic around the area.
However, Keuko and Uhina shielded themselves with trees to block it.
When the magic subsided, an arrow flew from the depths of the forest and struck the Wonder Deer.
It charged towards the source of the arrow.

“So, is this the repeated strategy for hunting the Wonder Deer?”

“Yes, that’s right. The creature dashes through the forest, scattering magic around while making charging attacks. The general approach is to use bows and arrows to provoke its charge and then attack when it charges toward us and stops, using close-range weapons to disable its legs.”

“It sounds like it could take a while.”

“It usually takes about 50 minutes to an hour to take one down. Their vitality is formidable.”

“Uwah, this could be quite a lengthy process.”

“That’s why it’s a Red-ranked monster.”

Hmm, is there anything I can do to help? I can’t guard against the charge like everyone else, and I don’t have the confidence to attack as skillfully.
Could we use Talat’s threads to restrain it?
Would his threads even work on a monster of that size?

“Talat, would your threads work on the Wonder Deer?”

(Entangling its legs would be difficult. But I could manage to seal its horns.)

“Seal its horns?”

(It generates magic through its horns. I can stop that.)


“What about Talat?”

“While stopping its legs might be tough, he can handle its magic.”

“I see. If that works, it could speed things up.”

“Should we regroup with the others?”

“No, let Talat handle this alone. Unlike us, who need to move on the ground, Talat can move through the treetops. He should be able to approach the Wonder Deer unnoticed.”

“Understood. Talat, are you ready?”

(Yeah, I’ll go.)

Talat hopped from tree to tree, disappearing into the depths of the forest.
After a while, a loud bang resounded, followed by the monster’s agonized screams.
Eventually, Talat and Akumi returned together.

“Did you two instigate Talat~? Something incredible happened~”

“What happened?”

“When Talat wound the Wonder Deer’s head with his threads, the Wonder Deer’s magic went haywire, spontaneously exploding and it fainted. It was easy to finish it off, but it was quite a surprise.”

So, that’s what happened.
The Wonder Deer was using its horns to generate magic.
By concentrating magic into its head, it caused a backlash.

With safety ensured, Keuko and Uhina rejoined us.
The two of them were struggling to dismantle the Wonder Deer.
The hide was resilient and tough, making it challenging to cut through with dismantling knives.
We couldn’t afford to spend too much time on dismantling, so I lent my dagger to them.
The dagger, being a divine tool from the Goddess, effortlessly sliced through the Wonder Deer.
To ensure safety, we moved to a secure area to complete the finer dismantling work, removed the organs and incinerated them, and separated the limbs and horns.
Talat encased them in cocoons and transported them to “Diego Seventeen.”

Alizée hadn’t expected to acquire an entire Wonder Deer as materials.
Thanks to Talat, we realized that hunting Wonder Deer was relatively straightforward.
Over the course of three days, we defeated a total of nine Wonder Deer.
Despite that, “Diego Seventeen” had only used about a quarter of its storage space.
I wonder what kind of intended use they had in mind when designing this vehicle.
I am happy because we can bring back a lot of materials, though.

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