Chapter 38

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Equipment Materials
Teysa’s work was just about done, so she finished and joined our conversation.
Teysa was a 14-year-old Dwarf who was known as a prodigy in her country.
However, her being female was a disadvantage, and she was underestimated, leading her to leave her country and come to Vardmoi.
She met Hannon at that time, and they decided to open a shop together.
By the way, Teysa is a Green Rank merchant, while Hnnon is a Bue Rank merchant.
To establish a shop, one needs to be at least of a Blue Rank, so Hannon is the owner of the shop.

“Mm, I’m glad you liked my products, but I can’t create anything beyond this.”

“Why is that? Is it purely a skill issue? Or is it the materials?”

“It’s the materials. I’m a Green Rank merchant, so my credit is low. That’s why I can’t get high-priced materials. I’m even getting help from Hannon to gather iron.”

Hmm, being a Green Rank merchant was that tough, huh?
I sold materials, buy fabric, and sell products easily, but it might be tough to establish a shop.
But if she’s confident in your skills, all she needs are materials, right?

“Um, can I gather materials instead and have you make the equipment for them?”


“Oh, I apologize for not introducing myself. I am Lily, a Copper Rank merchant. I believe I can gather the desired materials for them.”

“Copper Rank merchant? You?”

“That’s right. Lady Lily is our employer.”

“I see. Are you really older than you look, being an Elf and all?”


“I’m 16. Anyway, can we make it work as long as we have the materials?”

“Yeah, as long as you have the materials, I can make the equipment you desire. But keep in mind that the materials available around here might not be enough.”

“I’ll consult with the Trade Guild about that. What should I prepare?”

In response to my question, Hannon said, “First, let’s listen to their requests.”
Indeed, without requests, we wouldn’t know the materials either.

First, for Keuko’s sword, she wants a heavy, powerful, longer, and thick two-handed sword.
The material that Hannon first mentioned as best candidate was the classic adamantine of fantasy metal, but it seems that Hannon can’t handle it with her skills.
In fact, the facilities in Hannon’s workshop can’t process adamantine.
Therefore, monster bones were deemed suitable as alternative materials.
I was curious because I thought all bones were hollow inside, but it seems that depending on the type of monster, they can be as densely packed as metal.
The target were the bones of a Metal Giant.
The next best option were the bones of a Metal Skeleton.
By the way, both have a subjugation rank of Red Rank.

Next was Uhina’s sword.
Uhina’s sword should be lightweight and prioritize sharpness.
For metal, the classic fantasy material mithril would be apparently the best, but its market price in this city is apparently too high.
In that case, monster materials were an option again.
One of the mentioned options was the Assassin Mantis’s scythe.
Even though it was called a scythe, the large scythe seemed to be straight like a longsword.
They plan to process it into a proper longsword.
This monster was also a Red Rank monster.

Akumi’s bow and thrusting sword were requested to be made from monster materials from the beginning.
The bow was supposed to be a composite bow, made from Treant wood and Wonder Deer’s horn and tendons.
Higher-grade Treant materials are very desirable.
For the thrusting sword, we aimed for the Assassin Mantis’s needle.
Although it’s called a needle, it’s about a meter long and apparently perfect for a thrusting sword.

Tomoa also apparently wanted her staff to be made out of Treant materials.
Woodwork seems to be Hannon’s specialty, but surpassing Tomoa’s current staff with metal would seem difficult.

Furthermore, Gaia Tortoise shell was the best material for both Uhina and Tomoa’s shields.
It was a lightweight, sturdy, and easy-to-handle material.

These were the first-choice materials desired for the equipment.
They listed second choices and beyond, and I took notes, but as expected of monster materials, there are various types.
I don’t know how many of these can be obtained in this city, so it’s best to consult with Alizée at the Trade Guild.

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