Chapter 37

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Equipment Consultation
The meal was over, and I needed to plan the schedule for the upcoming events.
I’ve asked everyone from the Wildcat Claws to move to the inn I was using, because I needed to decide on the plans for tomorrow and beyond.
Well, it’s going to be a magic stone hunt.

“Alizée, which of the Spider Silks should I prioritize on delivering?”

“Let’s see. Please prioritize delivering about five rolls of Mana Spider Silk as product samples. After that, you can focus on the regular Spider Silk.”

“To maintain the rarity of Mana Spider Silk, I presume?”

“Talking with you is always so easy, Lady Lily.”

Of course, we would charge them a higher price.
Naturally, I need to gather a lot of magic stones.
To produce Mana Spider Silk, it takes the equivalent of 25 Ogre Magic Stones.
The challenge is how quickly we can gather that many magic stones.
There are also escort costs to consider, so I need to earn even more than before.

Now, I’ve also received a request from Wildcat Claws, the guards. They want me to get a recommendation for a good blacksmith.
While the blacksmith they are using now isn’t bad, they feel the prices are higher compared to the quality of the equipment.
They believe that with my position in the Trade Guild, I might be able to introduce them to a better shop.
I also agree that better equipment for the guards would be beneficial, so I want to know a good blacksmith to recommend.

“A blacksmith, you say… There’s an establishment that recently opened a workshop, and it’s called ‘Gleam of Molten Iron.’ I recommend them. It’s run by a blacksmith who came from the Dwarf Kingdom and opened the workshop as part of their training. The quality of their work is quite impressive. Since the workshop isn’t widely known yet, if you provide the materials, they’ll be able to create custom items quickly. I’ll prepare a map and an introduction letter from Trade Guild for you.”

A Dwarven smithy!
It’s true that, even in this world, Dwarves are renowned as skilled blacksmiths.
It’s a classic element of fantasy.

With an introduction letter prepared by Alizée, we headed to the “Gleam of Molten Iron.” The workshop was located quite far from the central street.
I wonder if not many people come here because of the location?
There were swords and other weapons displayed outside the shop, giving it a distinct blacksmith atmosphere.
Now, do they have weapons that would meet the preferences of Wildcat Claws?

“Welcome. Are you looking to buy weapons?”

The one who greeted me was an Elvish woman.
I heard that the shop is run by a Dwarf blacksmith, though. Could there be a mistake?

“Excuse me, I heard that this shop is managed by a Dwarf blacksmith?”

“Oh. This workshop is co-managed by me and Teysa. Teysa is the Dwarf blacksmith, and I handle woodworking and metal crafting. Oh, I’m Hannon, by the way. Nice to meet you.”

“I’m Keuko. Could you show me your products?”


“Of course. By the way, what’s the adventurer rank?”

“We’re all Red Ranks.”

“You might find our items a bit underwhelming. Both Teysa and I create items primarily for Green to Blue Ranks.”

“That’s alright. I’d like to see the items inside.”

“Feel free.”

With Hannon’s permission, the members of Wildcat Claws started looking around the shop.
I also took a look around, and even from my perspective, the weapons seemed quite impressive.
The prices were reasonable, ranging from about 5,000 to 10,000 rubies for Green to Blue Ranks.
The materials seemed to be… all steel.
In this world, carbon steel is commonly available, and most weapons sold are made from it.
After inspecting these weapons, Keuko approached Hannon to discuss things with her.

“These are fine weapons. I’m impressed.”

“Thank you. But, I imagine they might not meet your standards?”

“To be honest, you’re correct. Could we meet the blacksmith, Teysa?”

“Sure. Come to the back.”

We were guided to the back of the workshop.
It seems the back was divided into two rooms—one for woodworking and metal crafting, and the other for blacksmithing.
In the room designated for blacksmithing, there was a Dwarf… a young girl.

“Teysa, you have customers.”

“Customer for me? Some interesting people came, huh.”

It appears this young girl was Teysa.
I was told the workshop was managed by a Dwarf, but I wasn’t informed that she was a girl.

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