Chapter 127

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Dealing with the Dribs Golems
On the way back from defeating the Dribs Golems, we stopped by the Adventurers’ Guild to give Melanie the magic stones and cores of the Dribs Golems.
However, I was captured and dragged into the Guild Master’s room.

I haven’t done anything wrong.
Melanie, Adventurers’ Guild Master Roland, and Vice-master Ode gathered to inspect each item one by one.
I don’t think it’s that dangerous.

After the appraisal, or rather confirmation, the three of them leaned back on the sofa, releasing the tension.
Well, good job.

“Lily, are you sure these magic stones were gathered about 30 minutes into the forest, right?”

“Yes, that’s correct. We proceeded cautiously, so it took a bit longer to walk.”

Upon hearing that, the adventurers sighed even deeper.
Well, I understand their feelings…

“If it’s approaching within 30 minutes from the main road, we should organize a subjugation team.”

“But, it’s Dribs Golems, right? Without ice or lightning magic, it’ll explode, causing unnecessary injuries.”

“That’s right. Guild Master, organizing a subjugation team is fine, but it should mainly consist of magic users who can handle ice and lightning attributes, or else the backbone of the Vardmoi Adventurers’ Guild will be in jeopardy.”

“Hmm… How large of a team is needed?”

“Lily and the others coordinate well. Taking that into account, for an ad hoc subjugation team, a group of four would suffice—one mage specializing in lightning magic, one in ice magic, one fighter for destroying the frozen golems, and one for luring and acting as a shield for the remaining Dribs Golems.”

“Well, it still sounds like not enough people to me. Considering their abilities, having another shield user might be a good idea…”


“However, if the explosion of the Dribs Golems is as reported, having an additional shield user wouldn’t make much sense unless they have high-performance equipment. Considering that…”

Hmm, the discussion among the three isn’t making much progress.
It won’t be settled like this.
Let me make a suggestion.

“Umm, for now, we’ll go exterminate the Dribs Golems again tomorrow. You can consider forming a team based on the results. What do you think?”

“… Are you planning to go again tomorrow, Lily?”

“Yes, I am. You need a mage with ice magic for this. The Wildcat Claws alone won’t be enough. I’ll also participate as a mage.”

“I see… understood. However, you will have an observer from the Adventurers’ Guild. We’ll choose someone who can defend themselves, so it shouldn’t be a hindrance. Please cooperate.”

“Sure. I accept. Also, I will deposit the cores and magic stones from today for your experiments.”

“Is it okay? Not giving these magic stones to Talat?”

“In this emergency situation, he will endure for a day. Please return the excess after the investigation.”

“Of course. I’ll write down the details of our conversation now, so please wait a moment.”

The Adventurers’ Guild is quite thorough, even recording minor agreements.
Well, Melanie has always been like this.

Anyway, I decided to deposit the Dribs Golems’ cores and magic stones to them.
However, due to the risk of explosion, I advised them to conduct experiments outside the city walls.
They seemed to be aware of that and assured me that they would take strict precautions.
We also have to do our job tomorrow.

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